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Musicman Stingray Classic problem

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Hi has anyone had and resolved an issue with intermittent output failure of a Stingray? Mine will intermittently cut out / fuzz over then a change of lead or a wiggle of output jack solves it - tried a new socket and various leads but still happens. Any thoughts please? 


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What sort of battery compartment do you have? Is it the screw down type or one of those plastic flip up ones? I think the Classic normally has the screw down type.

If it's a flip up one, check/clean the contacts. I've had that before where corrosion is not allowing a good contact.

The symptom sounds like a problem I had with my jazz a few years back. One of the solder joints was on it's way out. Re-soldered and sorted.

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Only ever had that issue on a Stingray once and it was a dodgy battery compartment.


However, intermittent connections in general are a pain. You just need to be methodical and trace it back over from the jack. 

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Sounds like the output jack's ring contact might be not be making good contact.

Give the jack a good clean and have a close look at the contacts with a jack inserted. Replace if suspect.


PP3 battery clips are notoriously crap, made of chinesium, and it's hard to source a good one. (The RS Pro ones are OK  RS PRO Press Stud 9V PP3 Battery Contact | RS Components (rs-online.com)

It is possible to solder (quickly) the DC cables onto the battery terminals as a test. Also a piece of foam jammed in the battery compartment, pushing on the connector can help.


Do as rmorris says...

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