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  1. Many thanks to everyone for their ideas on this - will try all and let you know! thanks again
  2. Hi - thanks for thoughts , yes have tried new battery and amp and leads - its a real puzzle
  3. Hi has anyone had and resolved an issue with intermittent output failure of a Stingray? Mine will intermittently cut out / fuzz over then a change of lead or a wiggle of output jack solves it - tried a new socket and various leads but still happens. Any thoughts please?
  4. hi - just what I am looking for, but sadly a little too rich for me at the moment - please let know if there is any flexibility
  5. Lovely Trans Red USA Sterling with hard case, probably a 2007 model, sounds great and is in excellent condition for age, to be picky there are maybe two or three slight marks but nothing I could highlight with a photograph. I am only selling this as I have too many basses and one has to go - this one sadly got the short straw!.
  6. Hi Nice bass, could you let me know how much it weighs please? thanks
  7. Many thanks Dave. Could you text me your phone number so we could have a chat please - 07703 501293 Thanks Chris
  8. Hi Dave , sorry for late response. Could you let me know the actual weight of the bass please. Thanks Chris
  9. hi Very tempted for this one - I am in south London, how far south would you be prepared to come for a meet/purchase? Chris
  10. Hi Do you have a weight for this one and where abouts in the South East are you? Thanks Chris
  11. Any suggestions for the settings on my SVT3 running through a Mark Bass 2 x 10 4ohm cab - I seem to struggle getting a decent tone at a volume needed tomcat through 2 guitars and drums.
  12. Just bought a SVT 3 from Dave (davehux) - sent when he said he would, arrived when he said it would and works like he said it would. If only the rest of world could be like that!
  13. Hi - Has anyone got a tab or score for Marv Johnsons I'll Pick a Rose for my Rose?
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