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For Sale: 1984 Aria RSB Deluxe Bass - *SOLD*

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I've not had this too long and as lovely as it is, I can't justify keeping it. 

It's a lovely 1984 Aria RSB Deluxe bass in quite a rare Blue/Black Burst finish and is in overall excellent condition for a bass of it's age but there are the odd scuffs and dings (nothing significant though). 

It weighs under 8 1/2lbs and the frets have a lot of life left in the. It's got a lovely slim neck and plays really well. 

The electrics are all original and the switches all work as they should (there are various coil taps and pickup voicing switches). 

Im looking for £350 plus £20 delivered. It will be sent in a hard case that's tatty but built like a tank.


I'm not looking for trades thanks. 












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I had one of these in Wine Red Sparkle, which saw me through about four years solid gigging.

Nice 80s sound from the bridge pickup, and full old school on the neck unit.

I loved it.



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I can’t believe it’s still here , while some buy extremely cheap bass  brand new and we have here a prime exemple off a great bass , have you try Aria pro ll SB basses on Fb , it should go in no time and I could probably share to Fb Bass French group 

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Any danger you'd sell me the neck for a tenner? Go on, go on, go on!!!


Seriously though - absolutely gorgeous bass, had one from new in the same finish, my No. 1 for about 20 years until the neck developed a twist. Light, incredibly versatile and rare as a rare thing in any finish these days - and a great price considering the current trajectory of MIJ Aria Pro & Matsumokus in general.



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I've been asked a few times about trades int hai and while I'm not looking for any more basses, I'd consider a trade with a Mark Bass CMD121P combo. 

Edit: trades for a Markbass combo now no longer needed 

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