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Ashdown ABM115 speaker replacement/upgrade?

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Hi everyone,


I pickup up an Ashdown ABM 115 locally with a dead speaker recently, the cab is solid ply , not too heavy and decent condition and I want to put a replacement/upgrade in it.


Any recommendations? weight isn't an issue for me...


Dimensions are 660mm (H) x 420mm x (D) x 600mm (W)  minus a bit bit for the internal handles, which are recessed ply.

It has two rear ports 75mm diameter x 100mm long.



The SICA speaker is open circuit and has totally lost it pistonic function, it just mechanically grinds…but not in a good way...😬


I’ve looked on lots of bass forums and these SICA speakers often come up as failed in cabs, are they underpowered? weak to physical impact? ( I think this cab was somehow knocked over from upright to face down) or ?


Thanks in advance






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I'd have a word with Dave Green at Ashdown. He is best placed to offer a suggested replacement.

Failing that one of the BC speaker experts should be along any moment.😉

To model the cab for a suitable replacement might need the internal measurements rather than external.

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