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Next up for sale is the wingbass 4 I bought from fellow basschat member @Volume 
It was purchased as I was working away from home and confined to a hotel room but I ended up taking a full size bass instead. 
It’s a great little travel bass but with the Bartolini pickup it can be used for more serious work. 
Add an Octaver and its a blast. 

Weight - 6.5 lbs (2.9 kg) 

Scale - 16" (40.64 cm)

Tuners - Hipshot Headless System

String Spacing - 19 mm (0.750")

Pickup - Bartolini X4 Bass Soapbar (Hum-canceling)


There is currently a 20+ week wait to get hold of one of these new and it will cost you over double the price I’m asking which is what I paid for it. 

I could box this up and send it but at the buyers cost and risk. 

As with all my other items I’m happy to travel to meet or deliver with fuel paid 






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A fantastic instrument - I’m sorely tempted to have it back! 

I also seem to remember that @Marc Swas interested in one a while back… (hope you don’t mind me tagging you!) 


I used to use this very instrument both through a cacophony of effects, and stand-alone… tremendous fun - and an incredibly addictive instrument - it’s so small, and so fun to noodle-around on… 





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