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Galli strings - any experience?

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I use their flatwound ubass set they make for kala






They are well made strings with a smooth feel and manage to give a deep and thumpy tone to the ubass, but as they have a synthetic core these might not be representative of their longer-scale offerings.


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Hi Gareth,


I've been using the exposed cores models in stainless steel and nickel.


The stainless steel were very similar to the LaBella Super Steps, just a bit softer to the touch and without the extra overtones you sometimes get with the badly made exposed cores strings (too long exposed core is what is generating these overtones or extra out of tune harmonics). It's something that is happening very often with the Super Steps and even the Fodera Anthony Jackson strings !?!


But the nickel exposed cores were, to me, even better on all aspects. Smoother and better sounding, more even and consistent.


Both types lasted longer too with that piano like tone typical of these strings.


That said, even if I live in continental Europe, they are not cheap at all. They are top notch quality and there is a price to pay for this.

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Update:  I purchased a set of their Synthesis nickel rounds for my fretted 5 and the new Synthesis flats for my fretless.  I am very impressed!  They have a lovely soft feel, very low finger noise, great tension.


They sent me a 4 string set of flats by mistake, but I have emailed to ask for a low B to be sent ASAP!


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Some more thoughts after a few days playing - I love these strings!


The flats are the smoothest I've ever used and have little to no stickiness.  The synthetic core to the string means that they are pretty low tension for a flat and can be strung through the body of a bass no problem, as indeed they are on my Franz. They could be the perfect flat.


The rounds feel lighter than a 45 set: the winding is done with a very fine wire (so virtually no noise when sliding) which could be something to do with it.  The rounds are also really defined and clear.  Both sets just feel so good under the fingers.


Amplified, they sound really good.  The flats are warm but with good definition, while the rounds are punchy and articulate all the way down to the low B.


I am really impressed with these strings.


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I’ve used Galli nickels. Very good strings with a long playing life. The gauge was slightly larger on the low strings than I really wanted at the time but I have to say I was impressed with their quality….and maybe they aren’t as copied by the bogus string makers that plagues the D’Addario company. If you can find them then try them.

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