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1983 MIJ Fender Squier Precision Bass

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Selling my P-bass. Has a few nicks and scuffs and could probably do with a new bridge and knobs. The ones that are on there now still function well enough for this bass to sound a play fantastic. has a great tone. All electrics are good, no crackles or buzzes. SQ1 serial. Some nasty ugly chips on this bass unfortunately, but it is nearly 40 years old, nothing a skilled luthier can't deal with tho.

I have some new knobs, a bridge and a new jack socket on order to give it some new bling, I shall upload some new photos when they are fitted. Although if these parts are sub standard they will not be fitted and I shall leave the original stuff on there. We shall see.

Collection only

More pics to follow











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I've got one of these, also SQ serial and I can confirm the instrument, but especially the neck, is indeed something special. I would also not change any parts, but if you do be sure to include the originals. Very pleased with mine

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Price dropped to £750.


I will also deliver this bass personally for free anywhere within a 25 mile radius of my abode, maybe further if you share some fuel cost, this is providing we have made a mutuality satisfactory arrangement for the sale of course. 

I would also consider buying a suitable guitar case to send this further at buyers expense which could offer a solution to some of you who may be interested in this bass. 

pm me if you are interested 

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I'm crossing my fingers that this will be about in a few weeks ..Been wanting to get a P Bass as I have never owned one and fancied giving them a blast .


It's very local as well (holla from Cleckheaton).......did you ever fit the new hardware and pots ...?


The marks are not a concern to me ...what is the condition of the neck ..any dings to be aware of ? And what is the actual neck like ...? Is it a really wide affair or something in-between I am use the Jazz C shaped necks 


Excuse my ignorance on the subject ...


Many thanks



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Owned an SQ strat for 28 years [came with SD pups] and apart from a couple of refrets [very heavy use] has not been touched  -even the tuners feel like new.. If the P Bass is as good, someone will be very happy😀

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