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Sold - Lakland US Classic 44-64 Black Maple
Newbury (ish) or Peterborough (ish)

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1 hour ago, Gardenerben said:

For Sale or trade my US Lakland Classic 44-64 with Geezer EMG Pups.

I purchased this second hand from guitar guitar, it's in very good condition. The Lakland US necks really do feel as good as people say, this one is 43.60mm at the nut and has an alder body with maple board. 

EMG's GZR's certainly seem an upgrade to me for power and clarity but also included are the original Lakland pups and loom. Comes with mint, perloid & black scratch plates, the bevel on the mint is less than perfect (didn't know my OCD was this bad) so I had a black one made by Sims guitars who did a great job. Now they have a CAD file for the guard you can get a discount should you wish to have a further guards made up (Tort??).

Weight on kitchen scales is 3897g and I was quoted 3.8KG by the shop so pretty sure that's the ballpark.

The overall condition is very good, going over it with a fine toothed comb I have spotted a couple of tiny sub 1mm blemishes on the body but only visible at 'that' one angle and can't really get a pic of them, attempt with finger below. The neck looks and feels flawless. I will try and get some better over all pics but just getting reflections at the moment.

Original Lakland hard case included so shipping is possible if fully insured. Meet or collection following appropriate guidelines preferred though.

Trades wise, for a keeper it is likely to be: 4 string, under 4Kg weight, sub 42mm at the nut and back of the neck would be blemish free to the touch. Happy to listen to alternative trade offers and could add cash for the right instrument. 


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Everyone on here should do nut measurement photo's :)

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