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I suppose you can use this as a backing track to play along too.

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    • By Marky Screen
      Very nice synth/octave pedal, built like a tank!
      It's no FI killer, thou the tracking is easily as good, but it's a great sounding and highly useable midrange option for synth sounds.
      Save and recall 12 presets.
      Tweak the major parameters from the knobs.
      Connects to computer by USB for deep editing of waveforms/filters and loading /saving patches.
      Comes with 12V power adapter, not the original one but works fine.
      Includes UK postage.

    • By Huw Foster
      New video in my Basslines series. In this one I imagine what a cross between Jaco and Joe Dart would sound like. (Spoiler - it's just a 16th shuffle with some fast triplet stuff!)
      I break down the theory and technique behind the licks in the video. The transcription (tab & notation) and backing track are available to Patreon subscribers.
    • By dark-dekar
      A cool synth bass line in a cool song 

      Tab: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1upweTKWLbh90rQseyC-a1hC3PerXTU-S/view
    • By Huw Foster
      Hi guys!
      A few years ago I started a series of tutorial videos called 'Basslines'. These are short demo videos accompanied by backing tracks, usually in a certain style (either a genre or a particular bass player).
      I've got into doing them again, and have recently put a new one up. This one is my (secular, non-church-going) interpretation of a 'shout'/praise break bassline.
      YouTube link
      You can find the other ones here. The early ones go into less detail, but I've got about 4 in the works in the moment, and I'm looking to put at least one a month out from this point onwards. 
      Let me know what you think! 
    • By Bart Funk Bass
      Here are the actual bass tracks from Michael Jackson’ “Get On The Floor“ master tapes. Bassist Louis Johnson recorded the main track with Music Man bass. He overdubbed his part with Alembic Series 1, which he used in recording sessions during that period. I can tell that both tracks were used in the final cut. However, I don’t know the proportions in the mix.
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