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Hi. I’m Esther. I live sort of near London. I have been the owner of a KCC bass/amp combo for several years (lame, I know). After a very long hiatus, I picked up it again at the start of lockdown a year ago and began spanking it in a meaningful way. Last summer I fell in love with an electric blue JS2 Spectra, put a classy matching Dimarzio strap on it for the look, and off on my merry way I went.

I keep the KCC tuned to Eflat so I can chop and change, but I don’t bother with it much. The back of the neck is more rounded than the Jackson and I find it a little harder to reach, amongst other reasons.

I am a dedicated lifetime fan of speed/thrash/death/black metal (in that order) plus any given combination of those four - never let it be said that I am closeminded 😁 I enjoy playing 80’s rock like DC and Def Leppard for warming up and messing around but I am cutting my teeth on practising Megadeth and early Maiden these days because I like the challenge.

I don’t have much more kit than this, and I don’t really know much about hardware but it is interesting to read and learn stuff on here. So thanks for having me, this seems like a nice forum. I haven’t met any nutters so far yet but never say never ….


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