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Snapped Truss Rod in Squire Standard - suggestions for replacement anyone?


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Not a great day!

Noodling away and there was a sharp "crack" from the neck region and the e-string went sharp.   Now the profile is all over the place and it won't stay in tune.  Reckon the Truss Rod has gone so I'll probably dismember it tomorrow to be sure.

It's had a few upgrades so I'm tempted to replace the neck .  Any suggestions?

It's a Jazz neck which was the original on the old Squier Precision Special Standards, so 38mm at the nut, 20 fret and 63.5mm (I think) at the heel.   Pocket is, I think 14mm. 

Might look for a donor "Standard" but is there a better choice?

Suggestions appreciated!

Please Ignore this thread! - I've basically duplicated it - DOH!  

I'll update the original!


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Memory loss!
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First confirm the truss rod is bust - if could have just been excess glue breaking away.

Is it a separate fretboard? If so it would be worth trying to steam it off to get at the truss rod - if the neck is knackered you have nothing to lose and can have a bit of fun trying a truss rod replacement....

Taking it to a pro luthier would be too expensive - worth looking for a s/h Squire neck...

i.e.  Fender Squire Vintage 70s Modified Jazz Bass Neck | eBay 

NEW Fender Lic Allparts Jazz Bass NECK Maple Unfinished 10" Radius 20 Fret JMO - The STRATosphere (stratosphereparts.com)

or equivalent.


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On Squier necks with skunk stripe the truss nod is not directly below the fingerboard, at least on the one I have removed the fingerboard from (2009 Jazz), so it looks like they are fitted from the back, but on a neck without the skunk stripe it should be fitted in a channel below the fingerboard and the  board may be a little thicker and better glued on

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