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  1. You know how it is, you muddle through and then think - why don't I ask someone who will definitely know the answer. Well - emailed Genzler last afternoon and Jeff Genzler replied within a few hours with all the information I need. Simple Pedal should work , but if LED'd it needs correct wiring to get the amp LED's to function properly. And an suggestion that a Genzler 4 On The Floor Pedal might be a good idea. Of course I can't justify a clever drive pedal ... but it is my birthday in 1 month's time ..............!! Anyway, fantastic customer service and another great reason to use Genzler Kit (if one were needed).
  2. Hi, bought a Laney FS1 Mini to select Clean and Drive Channels on my Genzler Magellan 800 (couldn't find a supplier with stock of the expensive Genzler.). It's a latching switch with an LED which can be powered with a 9 volt supply. However, the LED comes on without a dedicated supply - I guess it draws power from the amp. I have a slight concern which is that, when using the footswitch and the Clean Channel is engaged (LED on Pedal illuminated), the Drive channel selector LED on the amp remains dimly lit. Anyone know whether this is a potential problem and, if so is there something that needs "fixing"? Many thanks
  3. To protect whatever hearing I have left and to hear everyone including me, I really do need to get into IEM's! - Tried the ZS10 IEMs but found that they were too bright. (taking a direct lead out from the mixer Aux out - 2 different mixers, and also directly plugged into phone.) There was also a buzz on bass notes in the right earpiece so I returned them. My Headphones are orders of magnitude better (but not practical) and my Meters Ear buds are also "better" in terms of tonality (if a bit "mushy" and not so good in term of staying in your lugholes!) So, as an introduction to IEM's, is there an alternative that folks can recommend, not wanting to spend more than £100ish as a starting point? If it all works out and the band can cope with me using IEM's then I can invest more in future.
  4. And how would you describe the change in sound? More old school or ?????? I'm interested in adding a VS to me collection but probably need sightly different tone to the Sandberg palette..
  5. Off Topic ....... but ...... Al - we're using RCF Art 710-A's (just vocals for now) and our drummer wants to Mic up his drums - from your experience does the RCF 702 ASII sub (one of) work for you in this context?
  6. Completely unsolicited this but ....... I have a pair of these - almost identical and they are great! I use them in our rehearsal space with an Ashdown ABM600 Evo 4 and they really do "cut the mustard"! GAS got me and I bought some "new" Mesa's but rehearsing last week I thought I might re-instate them for live work as I suspect they would give the Mesa's a serious challenge!!
  7. Excellent! Bloody typical for me - the old adage "if all else fails .... read the instructions" strikes again! Thanks very much everyone - everyday is indeed a School Day!!!
  8. Sound guy wanted to DI my rig at the weekend. However, he raised an issue about using my inbuilt DI out, as he was using the phantom power setting on his desk and didn't want to put 48 volts into my DI Out. He wanted to put my bass directly into a DI box (and then into my amp for stage monitoring). This would have bypassed my effects (Ashdown ABM 600, with Effect and Tuner in FX Send/Receive) which I didn't want - so to avoid hassle I just played without PA support. (Which from my point of view was OK and, more importantly from the audience point of view it, apparently, sounded great. However, the sound guy wasn't happy as he couldn't turn me down!!) So - how does one get around this issue? Thanks from a complete technophobe!
  9. Hi, This is probably a daft question, but how true to life is the colour in the photo's. Maybe it's my screen but it looks rather more "red" than I anticipated? Very nice though.
  10. Thanks - that is certainly a bit different - I'll have to check who stocks them in the UK ........ I can feel a road trip coming on .......
  11. Interesting .... and on the scale of Old School to Ultra Modern how would you describe the sound? Played one briefly - fantastic neck, but couldn't really assess the tone etc (as it was a dreadful amp/combo). If it would do a bit of old school P on the neck pickup it'd be a winner (for me that is!)
  12. The Jam Nights we are lucky enough to have in the area are in pubs and are chaotic. (We actually host one and the deal is that we provide the instruments if needed - luckily no-one takers so far!). It's probably just me (and my level of incompetence) but how/what I play depends to a very great extent on being able to hear myself. From the comments so far it seems that PJ/ or Jazz would work better than a passive P and active might be worth a go (or tone pedal). And probably better to go for roundwounds rather than flats for a random Jam Session. So, if the price was right, something like a second hand MIM Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special or a Sire P7 might be worth a look??? Thanks all
  13. Thanks all. I think its a particular problem with the "House Band" rig - which I've played through at several different locations. Best sound in terms of me hearing myself, is always my VM4, worst is the P and somewhere in between is the passive PJ. However, not really keen on the Humbucker on the VM4 and trying to decide whether to go for a better PJ (Active) or a Jazz for these live gigs. Had also thought of getting a tone pedal and seeing how that goes. For obvious reasons I'm not that keen on taking my VM4 along to Jam Sessions/Open Mics so a pokey controllable PJ/Jazz workhorse is on the cards. But which ..........
  14. Yep - I've also tried the P with Rounds - better but not by much - I think the "House" bass must be naturally extraordinarily bright!!
  15. Lot's of debate about PJ's but .......... aren't these discussions really about whether 2 pickups negatively interact, rather than whether PJ's work well or not? The whole interaction thing eg, cancellation of a range of frequencies due to different positions along the string and insertion loss etc. would apply equally to a J bass wouldn't it? I have a P bass, and some two pick-up basses. I prefer the tone of the P when I'm noodling at home, but playing live it's a different story. Having taken the P bass (with flats) along to a local Open Mic/Jam Session, it was impossible to hear my bass - just boom, (not even a hint of tizz!). The set up was a fancy Bass/Guitar processor/pedal set up for a Jazz style Bass with roundwounds. Not possible to tweak the tone etc. on the amp/processor on the fly ('cos of terror and lack of technical ability) so the whole thig was a disaster .... never again! However, done the same session with a PJ (with flats) and I could pretty much compensate for the "in house" tone settings, using Bridge pickup and lots of treble. Still not good but better! So, my question is, PJ or J - what's to choose between them? Or is there a much better single pick-up option which can get you out of trouble in dire acoustic environments? Hopefully others will have had similar experiences and I'd welcome "the knowledge" !!
  16. The ones I'm thinking of are probably earlier models without the HiMass bridge and fretboard "Blocks" etc. But thanks - interesting. What would be your alternatives?
  17. I've seen various discussions on the Fender Deluxe P Bass Specials over the years, but just can't remember what the verdict was and why? Am I right in thinking that these MIM models are very well regarded, and would one fill the craving for a P Bass with Jazz(ish) neck (plus a bit of additional tone flexibility when needed)? Is there a good reason not to go for the Passive rather than Active version? Any pointers gratefully received. Ta
  18. I've made a template! And "Yes" it's 7.5 inch So, (my) Squier Silver Series P Bass from 1992/3 would appear to have a 7.5inch neck radius - I'm guessing its the same all the way up/down the fingerboard i.e. its not a compound radius. So that's possibly why it feels a bit odd compared to my other basses! Cheers Everyone - mystery solved!
  19. Thanks - it's a 1993 model, so I'm not sure how "modern" that is - I'll get drawing!
  20. All in the title really! I've been spoiling (as in lavishing affection, not wrecking!) my Squier Silver Series MIJ P bass to see whether I can get to "love" it ... and it's definitely getting there. I've a spare Seymour Duncan SPB 1 pick-up so I've added that, got a new wiring loom from Kiogon - and that has made a big difference (250 Ohm pots). I've sorted out a bit of a hum (which I seemed to add with the Pick-up!) and it's now silent and, just for fun put some brass saddle into the original bridge. It now sounds very nice, but I can't work out the neck - on the one hand it's nice and relatively small for a P, but it feels very different "in the hand" to my old P Bass , my newer Sandberg (also a 40mm neck), and, unsurprisingly my PJ Squier. So I'm thinking it might well have a 7.25inch radius neck rather than the 14 and 9.5 that I've been used to. Anyone know the radius or where I can find it? Cheers Ian
  21. Thanks for this - looks pretty similar to the Boxer both in terms of design and price I think (?) - 22 frets rather than 20 though - not sure which I'd prefer - I know I get on well with 20, but unsure about the extra 2 ..... I'll have to go and check a Deluxe to see how many frets that has just for completeness!
  22. Anyone experience of these two basses? Tried the Boxer "accidentally" the other day and the neck is really comfortable to play - pretty much perfect for me. I had been thinking of getting a MIM Deluxe P Bass Special, as I like the P bass elements with the a Jazz Neck. Sadly I can't actually try one of the Deluxes so it would be a case of buying "blind". I'm particularly interested in how the necks compare and which might be best in a Rock/Indie Covers band. Any info would be very welcome (although not by my "Financial Controller"!) As an aside I did also try out a Charvel San Dimas PJ - and the neck on that was divine! Overall though, I thought the bass might be a bit on the "modern" side for me (so might require some electronics/Pup changing). Cheers!
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