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Beater / Bitsa spec ?


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I saw this advertised and had my head turned by the covers. I've never had a P bass with covers still on there.

It has a '51 style neck on a later style body. Hopefully it goes without saying that this is no more than a P bas shaped object and no more.

Would there ever have been a bass with this combo of neck and body ?

The first thing I'll do is get rid of the logo as that's not honest.

I may consider another neck with more appropriate headstock size, to suit the body and make it a Fecker Pretender.


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26 minutes ago, Jus Lukin said:

That's lovely!

A 50's style neck tends to be a bit on the chunky side, which I like personally. No 50's Fender came with a rosewood 'board, but that may be a neck with otherwise similar spec (perhaps taken from a Mike Dirnt, in which case the logo could be honest after all!).

Billy Talbot from Crazy Horse plays a split coil Precision with a 50's neck, which looks and sounds great in my opinion.

Good theory on the neck, but the logo is all wrong for one of those.

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