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Oxnard Montalvo


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I'm pretty chuffed with myself if I'm honest. I've never attempted anything like this before but I've ended up with a lovely bass:IMG_0241.thumb.jpeg.280e649c6d9adae96b99943a456681f5.jpeg


The bits:

  • Warmoth P body in swamp ash
    • Finished with Crimson's Penetrating Guitar Oil
  • 2016 Am Std Jazz neck
  • Gotoh 201 bridge
  • EMG GZR PJ set
  • Hipshot D-tuner

I've wanted a PJ for quite a while and considered going down the Limelight route but this was, for me, more satisfying (plus I had the neck already).

I had a couple of squeaky moments and if I was to do it again, I'd probably shield with copper tape rather than shielding paint but it plays great, sounds fantastic and I am in love with how it looks.

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Why tape instead of paint?

Is it so any pot contact areas can be easily removed?

Used both and love paint

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@TrevorG it took about a week what with letting the various oil applications dry properly. It was a looong week 🤣. Thanks for the compliment. A few months on, it’s looking a little more used which is what I was going for with the oil.

@Cuzzie I’m sure tape is a faff (I’ve heard it can tear easily) but I found that the paint, especially for the J rout, required a very deft touch so as not to flick the odd bit of paint on to the top of the body. Thankfully, I learned how to avoid it by making those mistakes on the P rout. That scratch plate hides a few oops moments. Also, painting the control cavity seemed to take forever.

Sorry for the delay in replies - it’s been a crazy couple of months.



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That’s cool - tape is no more a faff than paint - they both have pro’s and cons as you have found out!

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