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  1. I love an oil finished bass - I’m a total sucker for it. Similarly, I love an unfinished neck, at least the playing area. I think I just really like to see and feel the wood.
  2. That’s awful. His Funk Pop “doll” looks more like him. https://www.popinabox.co.uk/merch-figures/lemmy-kilmister-funko-pop-vinyl/11325793.html
  3. So yesterday I bought a stacked knob loom and plate for my pride and joy and tonight it’s in place, looking and sounding gorgeous... In between times, John was brilliant. Really quick and clear communication, parcel tracking, friendly. The loom and plate came well-packaged and the instructions were concise and clear. I’m by no means the most practical person but it was a breeze to install. Heartily recommended. Thanks John 👍
  4. Tango ‘Til They’re Sore - Tom Waits
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