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SOLD Part relic Squire CV 70s P BASS Seafoam Green

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This was going to be my project relic bass ( don’t judge me, I need something to do now not rehearsing) 

that was until I bought a Bruce Thomas bass so I only need one P 

classic vibes are really well made this one has Elite Detroit flats on - the neck is a J style very playable

it’s the lightest p bass ever I’d say sub 8lbs 

I still got the box so can ship for £20 to uk only or will drive an hour from Clitheroe to meet outdoors 









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1 hour ago, TheGreek said:

Love the colour coordinated mutes

Purely accidental but fits well - £1 from Wilko for a pack of 2

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I'm not normally a fan of black block inlays but it works well with the body colour.


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    • By Zummerbass
      Bought from Basschatter Marc S in Nov 2017. PJ mods, Entwhistle p/ups done under his ownership ( Dave Dearnley iirc). The work has been done to a very high standard. I’ve barely played it and gigged it twice.Playing my Jazz bass almost exclusively now but even so I think I may regret letting this one go. Excellent condition just a couple of minor scratches on rear of body. Usual Classic Vibe build quality,one of the darkest rosewood boards i’ve ever seen. Weight- just a smidge over 9lb/4kg. I’ll include the gig bag it came with. Collection preferred (i’m not far from M5  junction 26)but could do a meet up. 

    • By 1966powers
      ♦ ️ Vendo este bajo de la marca De Gier, con tan solo 10 meses.
      Modelo BeBop 4, acabado "reliquia".
      Aún en garantía (14 meses).
      Estoy interesado en un cambio por un bajo de 5 cuerdas tipo Fender Ultra Jazz Bass V o similar;
      También estoy interesado en Yamaha trb 5p (Ajustando la diferencia de valor)
      Bodywood: Aliso. 
      Mástil: arce.
      Diapasón: Palisandro.
      Incrustaciones: Puntos perlados blancos.
      Pastillas: Fralin.
      Puente: Cromo.
      Sintonizadores: Chrome.
      Color: Sunburst de 3 tonos.
      Acabado de reliquia.
      Golpeador: Celuloide de tortuga roja más oscura.
      Bolsa original incluida.
      Gastos de envío compartidos.


    • By johnpaulbass
      Hello bass friends,
      I would like to know some suggestions from you since me being in a hunt for a tele bass. I really don' want to go dawn the road of a original one neither a fender custom shop model.
      Here and there I have found some interesting luthiers, makers, small companies that offer relic jobs and builds regarding this specific model. 

      Let's say that my price range (what I'm willing to pay) goes form 800 - 1100 eur (used or new).

      Some of the luthiers I have found (I know some of them are WAY ABOVE the price range I've mentioned) but just to give the idea, are:

      - Veranda guitars (https://www.veranda-guitars.de/)
      - Loic le pape ( https://loiclepapesteelguitars.com/ )
      - James Trussart (http://www.jamestrussart.com/)
      - Relic'Art Guitars (https://www.relicartguitares.fr/)

      - Limelight guitars (https://classicandcoolguitars.co.uk/)
      - Relic guitars The Hauge (https://www.relicguitar.nl/)

      and so on..

      So the idea is to found a "tele" bass that looks and feels just like it has finished a gig in a blues club full of smokers, drunks, etc.., americana, "the good old days",...  If you know what I mean (the pictures attached sums up pretty well what I have in mind:

      P.s. even some "bitsas" are ok!

      Can you give me some other links / suggestions and such ?

    • By mcnach
      Just that.
      Since the lock down I've been playing guitar more and... I keep wishing for a Telecaster. Instead of that, I bought a PRS SE I found locally as I was missing the dual humbucker thing (I sold all my guitars except for a Stratocaster and a P90 Les Paul type).... and I still want a Tele.
      I think I'll probably get a Squier Classic Vibe, but there's a few other cheaper alternatives and I'm wondering if any of them are decent. In particular the Harley Benton ones look good and people seem to like the basses. Any experiences?
      Gotta be maple fingerboard, ideally lacquered/tinted, but definitely maple regardless.
      November 2020 edit: 
      Metallic red SX and metallic purple Classic Vibe Squier ended up being the winners... but quite a few other cool alternatives out there.
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