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EBMM Musicman Stingray H 3eq Sunburst - Beautiful! Withdrawn

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Up for sale is my 2006 Stingray in Sunburst with Rosewood fretboard. It looks absolutely stunning and plays beautifully. It is very resonant and kind of feels alive when you play it...

It is in really nice condition with just a couple of small dings and a couple of cymbal marks on the end of the headstock.

The neck is unmarked and plays beautifully.

Weight is around 4.1/4.2kg depending on the scales.

The case is original and again in very good condition.

It could do with a set of strings but apart from that is ready to go!















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The bass is currently holidaying with me in Devon this week... we will be returning to Leicester either Friday night or Saturday.

Am more than happy to drop off with a buyer on the way back if that helps...

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Yeah - this is the beans - I would be on your way home, but I would lose my last testicle by the Mrs if this slipped in.


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7 minutes ago, Ghost Rider said:

That looks like an absolute beauty! Is it an ash body? 

Not totally sure but It certainly looks like ash to me, when I checked on the musicman serial number checker it only lists the fret board material and not the body material 🙄

The finish is listed as Vintage Sunburst...

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Looks like my jazz has sold so this is withdrawn from sale for now...

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    • By Schwartz
      Picked this up locally, gentlemen said he got it from this very forum, excellent sounding bass
      The bass itself is listed on Andre's website with a rosewood fretboard, yet this one is maple. So it's certainly not standard.
      It also has a hipshot fitted to the E string.
      Bass requires some work to make it perfect, which I'm not the right guy for, as such I've decided to knock some money off.
      Has an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp fitted which is a positive, I'd question the way it's been hooked up as one of the switches doesn't alter the sound at all. Otherwise really powerful.
      There is a hole in the body where someone looks to have tried to change a pickup.
      Bass comes with a Music Man hardcase.
      If you would like to arrange a play or need to ask any questions, I'm happy to oblige. Thank you for your interest.

    • By Lukasz Chyla
      Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay 5 HH 2016 Limited Edition
      Comes with with original hard case.
      Hardly used, very good condition.
      5-way switching system with active 3-band preamp.
      Brilliant instrument with huge sounds palette to choose from.
      Any questions, let me know.

    • By Ozzy555
      Hi Everyone! 
      New to this site and so I thought I'd start by sharing a purchase I made back in June this year. 
      The 2020 Sterling by Musicman Stingray 34 with swamp Ash Black body and roasted maple neck. This is my first Stingray Bass as I usually play Jazz Basses. Had seen this on the official Sterling site and was blown away with how great it looked. A 'BFR' inspired design they say on the site. Purchased it from a site called Project Music who had only one due in so snapped it up pretty quickly. 
      As I say, my first Stingray so other than a 1990 USA Stingray I borrowed and played for a couple of week's I don't have much to compare it with. I'll start by saying it's loud, very loud although I do usually play passive Basses and one other active Jazz which has nothing on this things volume. 3 band EQ seems fine, plenty of tones can be dialed in easily. Not sure whether the bass boost lacks in the real boomy end. The body looks great with the white grain showing through and is well finished. This is a lump of a bass! May remove the clear scratch plate as after cleaning the bass after use there is quite a bit of dust build up underneath which can become visible. The roasted maple neck is lovely and plays really well. Had to file down the nut edges as they weren't particularly well finished and sharp to touch. I guess that's the real difference when it comes to Indonesian made vs USA made Musicmans. And of course love the all black hardware. 
      Been very pleased with it so far. Not had the opportunity to gig with it as yet due to you know what but have used for online recordings and jamming at home and really feels great to play. 
      Any Stingray players out there recommend any mods at all? I've read that people tend to swap out the standard preamp for something a bit hotter like Aguilars OBP 3. Anyone ever done so and felt the benefits? 
      Have added some pics 😊
      Let me know your thoughts, Q's etc

    • By TorVic
      MusicMan Stingray (bridge serial number lookup: Manufactured - October 27th, 1989 / Model - BASS STING BLUBURST ROSEWOOD 2EQ)
      In very good condition. Has  a wonderful classic tone with the bass/treble knobs fully turned off or anywhere between.
      The neck is a beautiful birdseye maple and the fretboard a dark rosewood. The mutes are in good condition.  Everything is in good condition and fully working. 
      Weight: ~4.4kg / 9.7lbs
      Will ship in a generic hard case. 
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