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70s Fender Precision Help

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I’ve been offered this precision which dates to 77/78 on serial number, pots are dating to 76 (which isn’t uncommon I believe) can anyone make out the pickup date? Also the scratchplate serial doesn’t match the head serial is this a concern or a common thing with 70s fender? My other concern was the neck markings R Friend as I can’t find much info on that name and some forums have suggested it’s either an in house fender joke or a fake???? Also the neck pocket isn’t stamped and there is just a W? In pen or pencil and there’s an extra 2 holes in the middle of the neck bolt holes, I was thinking maybe hanging holes or clamp for a refinish Or is this common also? Phew

Cheers in advance!







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Stamped codes on the bottom of a pickup is commonplace, but its just that its too indistinct to see what yours says.

I've never seen a guitar's serial number on its scratchplate before so i don't know if there's any significance to them not matching the headstock's code.

Neck pocket codes and marks also seem pretty random - there's stuff in mine that seems faily meaningless and don't really give any useful info about the bass's age. I expect the extra holes in the body / neck socket are where it was hung for spray painting etc.

There are some fairly random marks, codes etc in vintage Fenders as far as I can tell. Be good to see a picture of the whole bass to determine whether the rest of the features match up to the year of manufacture on headstock.



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Posted (edited)

The holes in the pocket and ‘r friend’ are both common. Pickup looks fine, as do solder joints from what I can see. 

IME the serial sticker on the guard usually does match the headstock, but it’s not uncommon to have them swapped out, or for Fender to have a ‘Friday afternoon’ midweek 😜


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Yeh it is a black scratch plate just a 4 ply one. I'd read that Fender weren't exactly on the ball QC wise late 70s and early 80s so was maybe just putting it down to that. as long as the rest was ok though I might take the plunge

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