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Fodera Emperor Elite II 5 Holly Top - Titanium !
Duesseldorf / Germany

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Selling my MINT condition Fodera Emperor II with the following specs

Holly Full Top
Semi hollow Ash Body
Alder Tone Block
Amazon Rosewood Fretboard w MOP inlays
35" scale, 19mm string spacing
Extended Low B
Titanium locking bridge
Duncan Dual Coils in TK positons and Amazon Rosewood covers
Built January 2016
Pope Preamp
Amazon RW ramp
Weight 4,6 kg

This is a fantastic Fodera with a huge B string. The TK positions basically support the clear and focussed mids so that the bass is standing very present in the mix.

Not a single mark on it. Virtually like new. The extra options rise up the retail price for this bass above 16000 USD - plus VAT/shipping.

Asking 8000 GBP (8800 EUR) plus shipping from Duesseldorf / Germany.

Absolutely no trades unless you have a nice Fodera 6 Elite with 34" scale or lower or a fully original pre-CBS Fender.

Newborn site here: (Click picture to view page)

Holly Emperor II 5 Elite


More pics:











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    • By will4bass
      Selling this one is a tough decision really, in fact I would never have expected selling it, but times are changing for me and I am thinning the herd which leads to selling great basses that happen to be in the same sonic area as others I have. 
      Up for sale is my fat, funky, Fender-ish Fodera VW Deluxe Custom 5 built in 2004.
      35” (easy to play: no additional stretching compared to most 34” basses)
      Madascar Kingwood board
      Dove-tail maple neck
      Tiger maple front
      Mahogany body (I think) 
      4,5 kgs
      Seymour Duncan dual coils
      Dual action truss rod
      Some playing wear but overall in very good condition and technically 100%. Very solid bass, (low) action, string spacing (+/- 19mm) and neck curve anyway you like it.
      Comes with original hard shell case

    • By mrbassman_de
      Selling a Fodera Emperor II Elite from 2001 with the following specs:
      Amazing Buckeye Burl Full Top
      Alder Body
      Brazilian Rosewood Board w 21 frets !
      35" scale, 19mm String spacing at bridge
      Pope Preamp, Seymour Duncan Single Coils in 70s positions
      Gold Hardware
      4,58 kg
      Top codition with only 2 dings on the body back (ca 2-3 mm).
      The 21 frets board and the 70s single coils make this a slap monster with a warm timbre due to the board wood !
      Low action. Everything works fine.
      Asking 6200 GBP (6800 EUR) plus shipping from Duesseldorf (Germany).
      Not looking for trades unless you have a nice Fodera Neckthrough 6 with 34" or less.

    • By sorgas
      For sale Emperor Standard Classic in beautiful fiesta red. I guess is the lowest price on the planet for such a bass.
      Price drop to 3550£ or 3900€ plus shipping. 
      Trade value or partial trade value 4000£ or 4500€
      Please see below for trade options!
      Bass is from 2018, really good conditions. With Og Fodera case. Buyers pays shipping. (Sorry, spotted 2 more cosemetic imperfections. Don’t play this that much.)
      Not super heavy but not the lightest 😜 4,8 Kg. You can tell where the tone is hidden.
      Neck is a joy to play, effortless, fast, easy, has a really smooth satin finish that helps a lot, and i personally really like it.
      SD dual coil, 3 piece neck, amazing birdseye fretboard, super balanced, in one word Fodera. Hope you enjoy the new picture.
      Please ask for more pics and info.
      Adding some partial trade option
      Noble pre DI
      Alleva Coppolo LM4/LM5
      Alleva Coppolo Kbp4/Kbp5/81009
      Moollon PBass 4 String (better with maple board)
      Olinto Pbass
      JMJ Mustang
      Fender Precision Cs 57
      Fender Fullerton Precision 57
      Mtd 535 maple neck bridseye board (tu discuss trade dependin on wood selection and conditions)
      Celinder J Vintage 4

    • By Typhus
      Up for sale or trade is my Fodera Emperor DLX 5-string! 
      In really good shape and been played alot! It had Seymour Duncan jazz-style pickups in it but those have been changed to Aguilar DCB to give this bass more "modern" sound. The whole bass came alive after this operation. 
      Ask if you have some questions!
      Price is 6400euros 6000euros including shippin inside EU.  
      Partial trades to 5-strings from:
      Fodera (Different wood/pickups combo, NO standard models thanks!)
      MTD USA
      Alleva Coppolo
      - 3-piece maple neck
      - "35 scale
      - brass nut
      - 24-frets
      - Ebony fretboard  (Macassar if I remember right)
      - Dovetail neck-joint
      - 2-piece mahogany body
      - Figured walnut top and headstock
      - Abadlone butterfly without black outlines
      - birth year 2010
      - Aguilar DCB pickups
      - Mike Pope custom preamp
      - Golden hardware
      - original case and tools
      Heres a small sample of the bass played straight to soundcard:

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