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Ritter Cora - final price 2650£ all included


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Hi all

Sold this a while ago and recently got hold of it again when I had the opportunity!

As fate has it, a bass I’ve been after for years just came up for sale and I had to grab it... so last in, first out I guess. 

This 2015 Ritter Cora is an amazing bass in all respects, with an outstanding quality and clarity in the tone, very much a jazz bass at its core but with lots of complexity through the 3-band preamp if you so wish. But the best for me is how easy and fast the neck is, it is really something else. The bass is also extremely light. A true joy to play. The 33” scale also helps! Comes with a standard SCC hard case. Shipping included in Europe. A used item, but in excellent condition, very clean with no dings etc.

Link to the Ritter website: https://ritter-instruments.com/instrument.php?id=1501

happy to answer any questions!







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9 minutes ago, molan said:

Still really like this one!

Me too. Crazy good basses and at a great price too. I can't understand why this hasn't gone already.

I read a lot of posts complaining about excess weight, balance and tone issues and these Cora's have all those problems sorted.

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Been away from the bass market for a while... but still have this one so up it goes. I posted this pre-Brexit so I guess I need to mention that any customs duties have to be on the buyer if in the UK. No longer have the SCC case but it will be shipped with a nice Zon rigid gig bag. Price for continental Europe is 3100€. Cheers!

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