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Elrick Expat Evolution 5 string (all black) - Sale or Part-ex
Hemel Hempstead

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Posted (edited)

Hi all,

Now fully up for sale, Part-Ex options would be a Lakland Skyline DJ5 with cash my way too, possibly a Lakland 55-60, or maybe a Precision 4 string of some description.

I love this Evolution, sounds awesome, light swamp ash body and looks great. It's a solid 9/10 for condition I'd say. A couple of small indentations, but nothing I'm able to photograph well. Stock, these basses come with Bartolini single-coils, however I've swapped those out for Bartolini dual coils that came direct from Rob Elrick.

So spec is:

35″ scale
Swamp Ash Body
8.5 Lbs (approx)
Satin Matte Black Finish
3-piece Quarter-Sawn Maple Neck
Ebony Fretboard
24 frets

2-way adjustable truss rod
Bartolini hum cancelling Dual-coil soapbar pickups (Made in the USA)
Bartolini 3-band pre-amp w/3-way mid and active bypass (Made in the USA)
Fully shielded control cavity
Black Hipshot Ultra-light tuners
Black Elrick bridge – by Hipshot (Made in the USA)
Dunlop Dual Design strap buttons (Straplok compatible!) (Made in the USA)


I'll also include a Fusion Urban gig bag in excellent condition!

No way of shipping just at the moment, but happy to organise a socially distanced handover. As such, UK only for now.






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On 21/05/2020 at 10:43, Norwood said:

Finish is just amazing. Elrick are so magic.

Good trade

Agree totally, gorgeous!

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There was one for sale on here a couple of months ago, and last year - worth trying to track down the buyers via the sellers? You may have been down this road already, of course...



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43 minutes ago, lowregisterhead said:

There was one for sale on here a couple of months ago, and last year - worth trying to track down the buyers via the sellers? You may have been down this road already, of course...



Thanks, I do remember that one. It’s a burst though, which I’m trying avoid really. I’m in no rush, my Expat is great ☺️

Thank-you though.


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18 hours ago, Norwood said:

Not for sale?

Someone has GAS for more Elricks :)

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Added options for sale and  another p/x (Lakland DJ5)



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Sixteen hundred! The specs, look, and price are very tempting, I am glad I found my dark lady already earlier.

By the way, rehearsals started again!

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Posted (edited)

Bump with some extra part-ex options.


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Fusion Urban gig-bag now included!


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    • By SurroundedByManatees
      Gibson SB-450 
      Cool and rare Gibson from the '70s. Apparently less then 1.000 were made, so there aren't too many of them around. 

      As you can see from the pictures, the bass has been used. It has a lot of user marks and finish checking all over. The bridge has been replaced (original one in poor condition is still there), as well as the truss rod cover. It should be mentioned that the plastic cover of the bridge pickup has broken at the point where the adjustment screw enters. Someone tried to melt it together again, but its still loose. I've set the hight, and left it this way. 
      Further this bass is in good functional condition. The neck is straight and all hardware and electronics function like they should. 
      This bass plays and sounds great. It has an open, clear and full punchy sound. Not what is usually expected from a Gibson. It's also a very light instrument; my kitchen scale says it's only 3,35 kilos! 
      The original hardcase is included. 
      Asking €1.100 (approx £975)
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      Orange AD200b mk3 - £750
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      The pictures should speak for themselves but the whole rig is in truly superb condition... No marks or tears in the tolex anywhere... I look after my gear meticulously and I believe it shows here. Expect the odd light mark on the corner protectors but that's about it. 
      The amp was serviced / re-valved recently and the current power tubes have had no more than 30 hours use. 
      Orange branded covers and jack to speakon cable included. 
      Located in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. Trial and inspection welcome. Delivery / meet-ups considered depending on distance. 
      Thanks for looking. 

    • By Woodinblack
      I am having a clearout, so putting up a few basses tonight.
      This is an odd one, this is my 'wrongo', it is like an ali-express copy of a musicman bongo, but not really a copy, more a parody, by someone who has never actually seen a real bongo. I actually had to ask them to not put the proper bongo logos on it, although if they had, who knows where they would have been.
      So, its basswood, probably, its quite light. Has a thickish deep neck, so more musicman, but reasonably narrow spacing. 
      The dimensions are all wrong, and when I got it, it went through batteries - although see those two 9v battery covers? One of them has nothing behind it! Turns out the bit that turns power off, the stereo jack socket, well , they had also gone for a 3 pin socket but it wasn't actually stereo so the battery was on permanently. That is now fixed with a new socket and is now functional.
      If you look at the detail, pretty well everything is wrong. The markers on the side don't even line up.
      That is all the bad, but in its defence, it actually plays very well, has a nice action and sounds pretty good. Presumably more by luck than judgement. I have even gigged it where someone actually asked me if it was a bongo. I mean, imagine someone in a pub audience noticing the bass and then knowing what a bongo was? And then being wrong  It is actually a nice bass to play and it lived in my office as a sort of bash around bass. As such it has got a couple of scars on its actually not bad matte black silky surface.
      But, I need to reduce numbers and get rid of things, so it has to go. So here it is, can pick it up from my house for £125, or I can deliver or meet in a socially distanced way somewhere not to far (would be good for a drive), or I could probably ship it - can't cost too much as it isn't worth much so insurance isn't an issue.. Not going down below £125 because that is hardly worth the effort and I had to work on it. Can always hang on to it and sell it off at the SW bass bash when that happens.
      Don't want to trade as I am cutting down, although if there is something worth 125 that isn't a bass or amplifier related, I am all ears.
      Thing of beauty?

      I scratched it here on the side

      Look how well those line up. The machine heads aren't the best I have used, but it doesn't go out of tune.

      Two battery compartments - go on, which one is the real one, are you feeling lucky?

      Not too bad really

      Look at the masterful way the strings all bend slightly to the left.

      OK, so the pickguard was chewed away from the plastic by a small child and the fret side dots were applied by dats from a distance, but those frets aren't bad  and the pickups work
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