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**SOLD** Aria Precision “Precise” vintage 1977

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Sale of my vintage 1977 Aria Pro II Precise, Precision Bass, a bold Matsumoku replica of a Fender Precision Bass, Too good - making this one of the true lawsuit models.

This one has a contoured 4-piece P Body that looks like it is made of Alder - coming in at around 9.5 pounds. It is finished in a reliced 3-tone sunburst, with a classic black guard. 

The pickup appears to be original, and the knobs are quality replacement pieces. The bridge is standard Fender type.

The maple neck is a corker, with a fat D profile and a 1 5/8” P width plastic nut. The 20 original frets are in good order with plenty of life left in them.

The Precise Bass’ headstock shape is an exact copy of Fender’s. The lawsuit basses often have goofy small print on their headstock decals, and this one is no exception. These decals inform us that this bass was produced by “The World-Wide Brand” and that it has a “Distinguished Custom Body by Matsumoku”. Matsumoku is of course the famous Japanese factory that built many of the quality lawsuit instruments.

This bass in in very good overall condition, particularly when you consider it is 43 years old. The body is reliced and really adds to the appeal - all edges smooth and finished . I restrung it with Picato black nylon strings (0.040 to 0.100) flats, and they are a good fit with the character of this bass. Fretwork is good, it is a good playing bass with no buzzing and a low action. It plays like a buttery peach, and I like it a lot. 

The sound of the bass is a typical P Bass sound - pickups are slightly hotter than the Fenders IMO with plenty of punch and tonal range.

These older Aria Pro II Fender basses are rare and great value, but the values can only go up, so now is the time to buy if you want one at much less than the Fender equivalent - but no less of an instrument.

Included is a rockbag gigbag. It will be well-packed for shipping. 
Offers and/or Trades welcome - Trade value £450









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Did you relic it?

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24 minutes ago, jassbass said:

Ooh i love it

Does it sound as good as it looks?

It does - a real gem sad to see it go but need to thin the herd😕

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1 hour ago, Geek99 said:

Did you relic it?

looks it, actually it says so in the post.

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1 minute ago, skidder652003 said:

looks it

It was reliced when I got it 😊

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2 hours ago, Geek99 said:

Did you relic it?

Done when I got it😊

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On 19/04/2020 at 22:10, skidder652003 said:

looks it, actually it says so in the post.

I know - he clearly states relic. Who, was my question 

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Are there pole pieces visible on the pickups? I can't make them out, but that might just be the light in the pics. These are awesome machines. I have a couple from the same year. GLWTS.

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53 minutes ago, W1_Pro said:

Are there pole pieces visible on the pickups? I can't make them out, but that might just be the light in the pics. These are awesome machines. I have a couple from the same year. GLWTS.

Not sure - I just know when I heard it I was well impressed with the tone.  As there are no poles its a possibility they were upgraded at some stage?

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Mine both have pole pieces, so maybe an upgrade at some stage? The original pickups are fine, but thats not to say they couldnt be improved. 


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Wow !  It's nice to see a genuine lawsuit. I've never seen one before. 'Lawsuit' is one of those words bandied about far too loosely by sellers.

This instrument shows what all the fuss was about.

GLWTS .... oh !  it's been snapped up already. Not surprised !

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    • By SurroundedByManatees
      Gibson SB-450 
      Cool and rare Gibson from the '70s. Apparently less then 1.000 were made, so there aren't too many of them around. 

      As you can see from the pictures, the bass has been used. It has a lot of user marks and finish checking all over. The bridge has been replaced (original one in poor condition is still there), as well as the truss rod cover. It should be mentioned that the plastic cover of the bridge pickup has broken at the point where the adjustment screw enters. Someone tried to melt it together again, but its still loose. I've set the hight, and left it this way. 
      Further this bass is in good functional condition. The neck is straight and all hardware and electronics function like they should. 
      This bass plays and sounds great. It has an open, clear and full punchy sound. Not what is usually expected from a Gibson. It's also a very light instrument; my kitchen scale says it's only 3,35 kilos! 
      The original hardcase is included. 
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      Lightweight at 3,8kg. 
      Bass comes with its OHSC and is located in Czech Republic.
      Price is £1900 OBO, write me a PM and we can talk shipping, have a lot of experience with EU shipping.

    • By Marc S
      As per title, for sale only is my 1982 Japan built JV Squier Precision bass. (EDIT: May now consider trade for a JV Jazz)
      For a near 40 year old bass, it's in very nice condition, with just a few light scratches and "dings" here & there (mainly on the edges of the body)
      There's a little light "blooming" on the Tort scratchplate, and light buckle rash on the back in the usual place.

      I recently had the frets professionally crowned and polished, by Dave Dearnaley the well known Cardiff Luthier.
      This bass sounds lovely and "warm" - absolutely spot on, nailing that vintage P bass tone. It feels lovely and "worn in / played in"
      The nut width feels much like any vintage P bass, but I think the neck on these early Japan FugiGen basses have a slightly shallower depth - feels very comfortable to me anyway (and I tend to prefer Jazz necks)

      As far as I can see, it's all original. Weight is just about bang on 4kg.

      I need to thin the herd, otherwise I'd be keeping this bass - but needs must... I have too many basses!
      So no trades please... but I may be tempted if you have a 5 string fretted Wingbass (maybe)

      Collection only from Cardiff - but I could be tempted to meet sellers halfway-ish. I've got Vox amp headphones so you can test it.
      I could also be tempted to let you have a good deal on an 80's (I believe) Roadworn Fender (G&G) Hardcase - which this bass looks lovely in

      Thanks for looking

      EDIT: I tried to show some of the light marks & dings - but the bass was too shiny!

    • By badastronaut
      Carvin PB5 for sale. In mint condition! incl. original hardcase. A very well made and great playing passive P bass. The bass is pretty light (will weigh it later tonight) and has a string spacing of 19mm. 
      That's also the reason I'm selling it, I like the 17,5 mm on my Stingray 5 better.  The bass is located in the Netherlands but safe and secure shipping is not a problem. I have send quite a lot of basses to the UK without any problems. For more info or a soundsample send me a message!
      Asking price is 685 gbp. Trades are possible, 4/5/6 strings, fretted/fretless, just give it a try!
      PB5 General Specifications:

      bolt-on neck 
      scale length 34" 
      rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlays, 
      14" radius 
      Carvin locking bridge, strings through body 
      19 mm Stringspacing at the bridge

    • By phagor
      For sale is this rather fetching Fender Elite Precision PJ which I bought new last May, and has been used for a couple of gigs and a session, so is in very good condition.
      Alder body, maple neck and ebony fingerboard. Metallic jade finish looks green-tinted gold, with parchment tort scratchplate and chrome hardware.
      The Elites have a number of nice features over previous series, including:
      Compound neck profile - C at the nut through to D up the neck Improved neck joint and cutaway 21 frets HiMass bridge, bone nut Spoke wheel truss rod adjustment Fender Elite Precision neck pickup, Fender Noiseless bridge pickup 18 V preamp with bass, mid and treble controls Active/passive switch, treble becomes a tone control in passive Option of through-body stringing This is the first Fender PJ I've played where the neck pickup sounds like a real precision. The bridge pickup can add bite or with the mid control up and treble down gets into Jaco territory. Both pickups with treble is a great modern pick or slap tone. A real all-rounder. Very light and easy to play too.
      It does have two scratches on the bottom of the body - where I was a bit careless putting it in a soft case with zips. Hard to see in normal light - see photos.
      Currently wearing a set of nearly-new DR Hi-beams. Comes with an unused SKB TSA-approved flight case, tools, strap locks etc.
      I'm only selling because sadly, with no gigs in the diary, something has to go.
      No trades, sorry. Happy for anyone to try/collect from South London/Surrey (KT4). I can arrange delivery at the buyer's expense.

      My feedback: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/174020-feedback-for-phagor
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