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  1. Regretful sale of this great bass. Everything is spot on. Playability, functionality, sound and looks. 1994 model with Bartolini pickups and Noll active preamp. Graphite neck in great condition. Lovely tone. Semi headless with tuning system on the bridge which works really well. In good condition with some wear to the pickup covers and hairline cracks off the neck pocket. There when I had it. Been filled with resin and present no problem - just need to point them out - see pics. Happy to ship at the asking price.
  2. What a Banger of a bass - fantastic instrument and a real bargain😊
  3. Beautiful bass GLWTS...to some lucky Basschatter 😊
  4. Eden i90 Chorus pedal. looking for a great chorus pedal - this is it! Boxed as new with psu and instruction manual. happy to ship.
  5. Peavey Minimax 500w Head. Great amp in A1 condition. Plenty of tone and volume with some great features including built in tuner. Happy to ship at cost.
  6. Do you have a pic without the ramp please?
  7. Sorry wasn’t querying price - just enquiring if shipping included 😊
  8. Please don’t use Hermes. Pay the extra - sent one fully insured same price for £27 with UPS collected from my doorstep. Next day delivery. Hermes lose parcels as a matter of course in my experience. Had many sleepless nights due to their rubbish service.
  9. Thanks. Scratchplate has nice vintage “tinge” to it 😊
  10. **Now Withdrawn while considering keeping** .£425 - Until Monday 4th May when it will be withdrawn from sale. Fender Precision Candy Apple Red. Classic fender styling with gold logo. Striking bass in great condition. Looks and plays great. 2012 model looking at the serial. Fitted with Dean Markley nylon coated flats. Few marks but nothing that detracts from the looks of this bass. Comes with Rockbag gig bag. UK shipping via UPS £20
  11. Not sure - I just know when I heard it I was well impressed with the tone. As there are no poles its a possibility they were upgraded at some stage?
  12. It does - a real gem sad to see it go but need to thin the herd😕
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