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FS - 1964 hofner 182 NEW PRICE 600 Pounds
The Netherlands

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Looking to sell this Hofner 182 from 1964.

Superb little bass: vintage, lightweight and versatile. Bought here 2 years ago, not getting used much nowadays, time to move it on!

Comes with case.

Original ad: 

Will ship at buyer's expense within Europe.

600 POUNDS / 725 EURO.
Not looking for trades (except maybe short scale fretless or light/small tube amps).

Thanks for looking,





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price bump
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    • By claustra

      PLEASE be aware that as the bass is in France, there might be import charges or delay to the UK.
      No probs with the rest of Europe.
      For sale is this rather uncommon Yamaha SuperBass800, made in Japan in 1978 and still in very good condition.

      - Alder body
      - 1 piece quartersawn maple neck with natural white block inlays, gloss finish
      - 42mm nut : a Jazz bass with a Precision neck
      - "Progressive" headstock and back of neck design 😎
      - 4 to 4.1kg : under 9lbs
      Following the Yamaha BB serial chart, the SB800 was made in 1978.
      It has the same sturdy bridge and general construction as the BroadBass series with 2 jazz pickups : Vol / Vol / Tone
      The neck pickup has a Precisionesque tone, it is overall quite woody.
      Absolutely no buzz.
      It is just back from the luthier for a general check-up and set up : the trussrod works fine but is almost to a maximum, set up with 45-105s.
      Here is for the neck :

      back of neck sb800.mp4  

      In the broad bass body category :

      Asking for £560 / 650€ 
      Shipping is not a problem.
      Options to be discussed.
      I can include a brand new Gator GL lightweight case worth 55€ as I prefer not so ship with neck off.
      Any questions or further pics needed, please ask.
    • By ezbass
      This was meant to be posted on Saturday as I selected next day delivery, but between the supplier and the courier, it actually arrived this morning (potential for another thread, all on its own).
      Anyhoo, there's a back story to this purchase, so bear with me. Last March, just before the world went to hell in a hand basket, I had a video for David Byrne on Saturday Night Live come up on my feed, playing Once in a Lifetime with his Utopia ensemble. As a DB/Heads fan I watched and noticed the bass player using some sort of Hofner-esque short scale affair, sounded good. The next video up was from the same SNL programme with DB playing Toe Jam with the same guys, except the bass player had swapped to a shell pink, 5 string of some description; it sounded incredible. A very quick search on Google for the player, then images to see if I could find out what the bass was, revealed it was a short scale, Serek, 5 string. Now, I heard good things about these basses already, so I thought I'd investigate the price - yikes! However, by this time, my interest was piqued and so I trotted off to my local Guitar Guitar to try some short scales to see if this was something worth pursuing. I tried a Gibson double cut, an Epiphone, a Gretsch and Fender/Squier Mustangs, including the JMJ signature. I was hooked, there was definitely something to this resurgence of SS basses. The 2 that impressed me the most were the Gretsch (good playability and tone and an absolute bargain) and the JMJ, which was in a different league to all the rest. Rather than diving straight in, I thought I'd ponder a bit - then lockdown arrived.  After the first lockdown ended and GG opened up again, I needed a new tuner and, as my car was in for a service just round the corner from the shop, I went to buy it in person and also try the JMJ again to see if it had just been a momentary whim; it hadn't. I decided to move my Maruszczyk Jake L on to facilitate financing the new purchase and put it up on commission sale at The Bass Gallery (where it is available should you, dear reader, wish to purchase it https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/443414-maruszczyk-jake-l-in-fiesta-red-reduced-to-£775/ ). I tried the Vintera and a couple of vintage Mustangs while I was there, the Vintera was the best, but not as good as my memory of the JMJ (I also tried a Wilcock Mullarkey, which was brilliant, but beyond my budget). Then... lockdown 2 arrived, coupled with my moving to Scotland, where I'm in temporary accommodation with just one of my basses (Rob Allen MB2) for low end company, the others being in storage and the pause button was hit, again. Well, we all know this lockdown has been tough and I finally snapped and bought a JMJ anyway, without waiting for the Jake to sell and it finally arrived this morning.
      A quick play and everything was in order, just my usual set up required (it wasn't bad out of the box to be honest, just not my preference). I'm really rather pleased, my only complaint being, if you're going to put modern, albeit 'aged', Hipshot tuners (nice touch), why not put a modern, hex head, easily accessible, truss rod on? Having to take the very well fitted neck off (twice) is a PITA!  Also, if you're supplying a SS bass, provide a SS gig bag, not something that is way too long. Will I become a SS devotee? Time will tell, but early indications are good.
      Enough waffle, on with the show...


    • By AndyTheBassBison
      A pair of Hofner style ‘teacup’ knobs - grub screw attachment. I don’t think they’re genuine Hofner but they do the job! Price includes postage. The tops are tarnished which adds to a vintage look.

    • By AndyTheBassBison
      For sale is my made in USA 1964 Airline Pocket Bass. I bought this from Olivia’s Vintage Guitars back in 2014. It’s a lovely and unusual little thing, and always got a lot of interest when I gigged it. I’m thinning down my gear hence the sale.
      It is all original with the original chipboard case. I believe the flatwound strings are original too! It is super short scale at just under 25” and has a big single coil in the neck position and a piezo in the bridge. There is checking/crazing to the paint which looks great.
      Eastwood recently reissued these for £780 so I think an original for £600 is a great price. Happy to post at buyer’s expense - I have a box and lots of bubble wrap.
      Any questions just ask!

    • By claustra
      -- Now on hold -

      PLEASE be aware that as the bass is in France, there might be import charges or delay to the UK.
      No probs with the rest of Europe.
      For sale is this beautiful Fender American Original 50s Precision in 2 tone sunburst from 2018
      This is the updated version of the American Vintage 58 Precision bass, with a flatter 9.5 radius, and no pre-drilled holes in the body for the bridge and p-up covers

      It is a lovely bass, with endless sustain, probalby thanks to the nitro lacquer, wide neck and attention to detail in these series.
      Articulate low mids, and great warmth from the Pure Vintage 58 split-coil pickup with enamel-coated coil and raised pole pieces under the A string.
      Rather lightweight (I need new batteries in the scales...), 4-ish kg / under 9lb I would say, tbc later.
      44mm / 1.73" at nut (bone) : wide and shallow profile (not sure why they call it "thick C"), reverse tuners
      Nitro lacquer finish
      In very good condition, in its orginal tweed case with all the paper bits and case candy.
      If you like a Precision, you immediately feel at home with this one, it is really responsive and feels natural.
      A well made short video grabbed from the net :
      Only selling as I have another maple Fender P incoming, and a few spares. 


      Asking for 1450€ / £1260
      These cost 2000€ new.
      Shipping with insurance would cost around 50 to 60€ to anywhere in Europe, taking from 2 to 5 days fully insured at buyer's cost.
      I have a feedback thread.
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