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  1. I actually bought this from @Burns-bass but it doesn't quite fit my bass. Drop me a pm if you're interested!
  2. For sale is my Ampeg PF210HE bass cab. I've owned this for a few years and it has been my main gigging cab, playing lots of shows and touring Europe. It's a really great cab, solid and loud, and features the flip-top design and wheels (incredibly useful!). It's compatable with the Ampeg PF series of amps (included are the screws to mount the amp to the lid) but I've been using it as a stand-alone cab. Being able to remove the lid is handy, and there is a velcro loop at the bottom to fasten in cables etc when transporting. Overall this is in good condition, all fully working and a couple of dinks and scrapes here and there. I have tried to show these in the pictures, but am happy to send over more if you like. Collection is prefered, and questions just let me know. Chris.
  3. Looking for an old Hofner - preferably a Verythin or Senator. Anyone selling anything?

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      You could try posting in the Items Wanted lounge (if you have not done already)?

  4. Hello, So I picked up an old Mullard ECC83 from a market last week, and was wondering if anyone could help me out with some more information about it. A lot of the print had come off, but you can make out the Mullard shield logo, and the ECC83 labelling. There also is a three digit code printed towards the bottom of the valve, B7H. My limited googling has uncovered that Mullard used three digit codes up until the early 60’s, so could be ‘57? Any information would be greatly appreciated - particularly the age of the valve, and possibly its value if I were to sell it. I really don’t know too much about it at all. I’ve tested it out in my amp and it works fine. Thanks, Chris.
  5. Just added some recordings demonstrating the tone using both pick and fingers. Link is in the main description.
  6. Thanks so much - really useful info. I've updated the listing.
  7. Hello, So for sale is my 1970's Kay K1B. This is a shortscale bass that was made in Taiwan under the 'Kay' brand name, as part of a collection of guitars that were essentially knock-off's of well-known brands. A quick google search and you'll find Kay look-a-likes for Fenders, Ric's and Gibsons - which is what the K1B is. It's a short scale bass with one pickup, one tone and one volume. It sounds great - loads of vintage, low-end thump. The pickup is still nice and strong, and the electronics are in full working order. The tone control works, but it's essentially thump or more thump, so don't expect and crispy high's from this bass! The bridge cover unscrews revealing the original strip of foam stuck underneath (as well as a very unusual bridge). Truss rod seems in working order. Overall it is in very good condition - a few chips here and there but considering its age, it's excellent. The chap I bought it from told me that he was the second owner - the original owner bought it new, hardly played it, before retiring it to the back of his wardrobe for decades. Apparently, the strings (flatwounds) are original to the bass, so they should hold some value in themselves! The volume pot has been replaced (I have the broken original if you want to take it), but aside from that, it's all original. Looking for £300 - I know these were budget back in the day, but they are increasingly collectable and this one is in such great condition. There is one on eBay for £350, and they have gone on Reverb for silly prices. Based in Bristol, happy to ship at buyers expense. Unfortunately, the bass does not come in a case but I can package safely. If you'd like to come and try it out then feel free. EDIT: I've had some time this afternoon to quickly record some examples on this bass. All of these were recorded through my Ampeg B15, mic'd with a CAD GXL3000, into a Focusrite Scarlett, into Logic. No EQ was used, just a touch of compression. Thanks, Chris.
  8. Looking for an Ampeg SVT 212av... if anyone has one for sale please let me know!

  9. Just like my old bass! Have a bump from me. Those custom shop pickups are fantastic. Best of luck with the sale!
  10. Hello, I bought these the other day, played them for a couple of hours but in the end decided they are not for me. These are as new, hardly used and uncut. Looking for £30 including postage in the UK. Thanks, Chris. The 0760M set was used on virtually every Motown gold record in the 1960s. Donald "Duck" Dunn used the same strings on countless recordings with Otis Redding and Booker T. & the MG's. They're the fullest and deepest sounding bass strings ever made. Stainless Steel Flat Wound strings constructed with thick cores to produce full, deep, vintage tone Tension: Heavy String Gauges: .052, .073, .095, .110 Standard Long Scale Set Made in the USA with American Wire Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness All standard bass sets are LONG scale length. The 1st (G), 2nd (D), 3rd (A) strings are 38” from ball-end to silk/taper. The 4th (E) string is 36 ¾” from ball-end to silk/taper. Only the silk portion of the string should wrap around the tuning post or else the string will break.
  11. Now accepting new private students in the Bristol area - check profile for links to my work and message me for more details! 

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  12. Cheers Lozz, glad you are enjoying the bass! All the best.
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