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Eastcoast basses?

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There’s a guy in my work that’s interested in learning bass guitar, he’s a saxophone player and already has great knowledge of music theory.. 

He was looking to spend about £300ish and was looking at Eastcoast basses.

I don’t know anything about them so I was suggesting a squire jazz/p, Ibanez sr or Yamaha bb because I know people that have played these and reckon they are good entry level basses.

does anyone here have any opinions on eastcoast basses? Or suggestions for a decent beginner bass?

cheers guys 🤓

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I think Eastcoast is another brand name of Stagg. So it's basically a Stagg.

Stagg are ok, but Yamaha, Ibanez and especially the Vintage (brand!) are far better. The Squire vintage modified range is also very good.

Also Harley Benton and J&D make decent beginner basses at very low prices.

Personally, I'd buy a Vintage V4 reissue P bass or Vintage V74 jazz bass, or even a Vintage V96 musicman bass. All have very good hardware and pickups, and are not too heavy.


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Sire Marcus Miller.

Absolutely cannot recommend my V3 enough.

Bought it for a try and instantly became my go to gigging bass.


the whole ethos behind the brand was to make good quality basses for beginners and they certainly nailed it.

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I had a Eastcoast White Falcon bass copy, I gigged it once but it was so badly built I never felt I could rely on it, the electrics were not wired up correctly from new, one of the pots was already partly sheered and fell off during said gig and action wise it took a fair bit of work to get it to a playable, and nothing more than playable condition....apart from that it looked absolutely brilliant!

Would I recommend one....yes if you want to hang it on the wall and look at it admiringly 

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