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MTD 535-24 Sassafras 10 Top


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Words simply don't do this bass the justice it deserves, but hopefully pictures will help!

I didn't intend on buying it, I thought- I'll just try it...Famous last words!

The tone is crazy, unlike anything I've ever played. Super versatile, juicy as hell and slaps like a mother, but also cuts through a mix in a very tasteful way.

The sassafras top is a piece of art in itself.

I bought this bass new in January from Bass Direct.

You can get all the details on it here:


It's in exactly the same condition I bought it in, so I would call it new still. No dings or anything.

You could have supremely low action on this if that's your thing. It's currently setup somewhere between medium and low at the minute.

Looking for £5k £4k.

Cash is king, but I'd consider a part trade for a Moollon Jazz V, or perhaps the right vintage Fender bass 60's era ideally.

I'm in Egham 10 min off the M25, welcome to come try it out.

You can hear the bass on this track, verse 2 is the most 'raw' bass tone in the track:


Additional Details:

-Body - Swamp Ash
-Top - Premium quality Tasmanian Sassafras ( £800 option)
-Matching heal - (£50 option)
-Matching head - (£50 option)
-Satin finish
-Custom knobs in matching wood (£150 option)
-Neck - Ash with Titanium bars (£150 option)
-Fingerboard - Bird’s eye maple, 24 fret (£250 option)
-Pickups - Custom MTD Bartolini soapbars
-Preamp  - Custom MTD Bartolini 3 band
-Finish for body and neck is a satin catalyzed urethane.

-Weight - 4kg/9lb
-MTD Pro Tec case (£160 option)

















IMG_0465 2.jpg

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19 minutes ago, nobody's prefect said:

Well nothing else sounds quite like an MTD, there's a reason they are so popular with church boys.

My only MTD regrets are 1) I had SO MANY boutique basses before getting my first MTD. And 2) that I couldn't keep them all :D

As A Gouche puts it: MTD4Lyfe



And the fact that every single one is a gorgeous concoction of woods just tops it off. I can’t put my AG5 USA down. Unique tones but so versatile at the same time! 

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On 11/05/2020 at 14:32, nnspok said:

Glad to see there's so much love for the MTD basses out there. Before I even tried one I knew there was something special to them, even just looking at them is a treat! haha

And the necks are always to die for, so there's something for all the senses!

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