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Gary Williams

Status Empathy 5 String 1999 ** NOW REDUCED TO £1,450.00 **
Horsham, West Sussex

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** NOW REDUCED TO £1,450.00 **

This is going to break my heart but something I want just a little more has come up.

This is my beautiful Status Empathy 5 String, made in 1999.

In superb condition except a small line in the lacquer from the neck pickup screw upwards as seen in the pics. It's not a deep crack and I have polished most of it out.

Wafer thin action after a recent set up with Rob @ Status and sounds utterly incredible. 2 new battery boxes fitted.

**** EDIT: Apologies people, spacing at bridge is dead on 15mm between strings ****

Ideally pickup in Sussex.

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

NO TRADES please










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Magnificent !!!

If someone has the same 4 string :

I take  !!!!

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Hi Andy - I have just measured the spacing at the bridge and it is approx 18mm 15mm  across all strings.

Hope that helps!

Gary :0)

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Hi there -  I'm no Status expert but this is a 1999 model and has no trussrod as it has a graphite neck. The relief is set at the factory.

Hope that helps!


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4 hours ago, Gary Williams said:

Hi - sorry just a sale as I have already purchased a new bass so need to sell this to keep my wife happy!

OK, thanks anyway 

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Please note

Any Trades/possible trades/part exchanges or any other tradeable incentive....needs to be PMd directly to the seller and not posted on the sellers ad

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Posted (edited)

Hi there - no truss-rod in this model.

Just had a complete set up by Rob @ Status and the action is very very low with very little fret buzz.

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Hi, is this still available? Beautiful bass, do you know what kind of pickups are on it? 

many thanks


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11 hours ago, JGBass500 said:

Hi, is this still available? Beautiful bass, do you know what kind of pickups are on it? 

many thanks


Hi Gordon - the Status has a lot of interest and I have 2 people very interested. As the bass is original I’d say they are Status Hyperactive pickups. I hope this helps!

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On 25/09/2019 at 13:03, andytoad said:

What’s the string spacing, 18mm?

String spacing at bridge is 15mm across all strings

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    • By Zoy
      MIM Deluxe Series, active, 5 string, fretless bass.
      I am very sad to sell this absolute beauty. Plays like a dream, lovely neck and low action. Sounds the business. Has been professionally defretted and job done to a very high standard. In great condition, other than a hard to see crack in paint that runs around the body, have tried to capture in pictures.
      It is basically my ideal fretless, but sadly selling because I have compressed nerve problems in my shoulders, so can only go for very light basses nowadays, it's too heavy for me.
      That said I would consider trades or part trades for a lighter fretless, probably 4 string (due to lighter weight), so possibly a lighter 4 string Fender fretless, or I am quite interested in fretless Ibanez for example SRF700, other ideas considered

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      10/12/19 - Price now £800
      Bought this off @bubinga5 here nearly three years ago. Lovely Bass & has been a joy to own.
      Has a Delano 2 band pre amp installed
      I changed the pickups to Delano JMVC 5 FE’s purchased new from Bass Direct (£200)
      Usual trademark extremely playable Maruszczyk neck
      The pickguard is a perfectly fitting SiMs Custom Shop replacement (the original was too scuffed for me)
      Has the latest version Schaller strap locks fitted
       Comes with a Maruszczyk burgundy leather strap
      Also comes with a Maruszczyk GBBS case (€90 when new) which is a tough, reinforced ‘soft’ case.
      No postage - either collection from Swindon or meet up somewhere up to a couple of hours away (which would actually cover a good area from midlands to south/south west). 
      One trade option - Ibanez SR Premium 5 string (with Nords or Aguilars & inc official Ibby SR case)

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      Claas Leviathan Custom 4. Handmade in Germany Info: https://claasguitars.com
      Neck and Fretboard: Flammed Maple.
      SeymoreDuncan Musicman and Jazz Pickup.
      Richter 3-Band EQ.
      The bass is in good condition and the frets are like new.
      The jazz pickup and preamp are modifications from the original bass.
      She may look from the future and has all the modern tones but can also do old school really well.
      Looking for £1600 £1250 , down from £1850 might consider other trades or partial trades (cash my way).

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      This is one awesome bass.
      So the story on this one, the previous owner found and purchased an unfinished nightingale with one pickup.
      He went to Bernier Goodfellow at GB basses and had the bass finished and a new old stock nightingale pickup fitted and an agular opb3 preamp fitted.
      This made sense as Bernie was a partner in the nightingale basses enterprise making these basses by hand.
      Then onto the paint shop for one of the best paint finishes i have ever seen, totally flawless.
      She is light with a fantastic sound and a really lovely snake wood fret board.
      To look at you would think she was made yesterday.
      This is one great bass but i always go back to my status series 3 as i am a creature of habit.
      Would consider trades or partial trades with cash my way, however cash is king.

    • By BenTunnicliffe
      UPDATE: I'm now willing to send to mainland UK if fully insured and if you would allow me time to find a box big enough to house the bass & its hardcase. Some people already kindly asked in PMs if this was a possibility so I'll be giving those people first refusal out of courtesy.
      ALSO UPDATE: I plugged the bass in a day or two ago and the jack output is a tiny bit loose but makes a fantastic, full output connection 99% of the time. I'll have a look at it and see what the deal is.
      Hi everyone, selling my Overwater Perception Pro Deluxe Custom 5 String with its Overwater/Hiscox Case.
      Manufactured 2007 Purchased by me in December 2010 5 String 24 Frets 35" Scale 9V Active 4.6kg (bass on its own) Volume, Pickup Pan, Bass, Mid, Treble, Push/Pull High End Boost Bolt-On Neck Upgraded Overwater PreAmp (Fit By Overwater) Overwater/Hiscox Hardcase Selling Due To No Longer Playing Collection-Only, Cardiff, UK Strung Bb - Gb String spacing between B-E string 14mm, spacing D-G strings is 16mm (measured at the bridge by myself with a ruler and no idea what I'm doing!)  
      As far as I can remember, the ‘custom’ in its name denotes it having a non-standard bridge to what was offered at the time of manufacture. In October 2015 I safely sent the bass to Chris May at Overwater for some love & attention and it was at that point in its life that its active preamp was upgraded to the newest model available at the time and a ramp between the pickups was also fit with the most matching wood Overwater were capable of providing. The bass also had a full service while it was with them.
      I do not have Facebook myself but if you were to head to overwater’s FB page you will see an image they uploaded while it was with them in the shop that verifies the date these upgrades were made by them.
      I have no altered the bass in any way myself and it is in remarkable condition. That said, it has been used to me in hundreds of professional environments therefore has the faintest of hairlines present on some of the body/neck but nothing that affects playability. I have always been careful to not let the bass come in contact with belt buckles/belt sanders and if it wasn’t in a hardcase it was always propped up safely on a stand. The gold hardware has began to reflect a slightly more silver/chrome finish due to my hands running over it so regularly.
      I have professionally used the bass with much love and care since I bought it and am only parting with it as I no longer have any yearning to be involved in the business. It seems an absolute crime to have this stunning instrument sat in its case doing absolutely nothing.
      The bass is for sale for £1050 including the case and I will have to insist on it being pick-up only from Cardiff. The only thing I can imagine being sadder than parting with the bass is for it to be damaged in transit. 
      I would also really like for someone to come and have a play of the bass rather than trying to pay me from overseas and have me deal with a third party here acting as a courier. This is only because it would allow too much room for miscommunication and I am not confident in my ability to safely package something so delicate for international shipping.
      Thanks for reading and I will do my best to reply to any queries asap!

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