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Hello ladies and gentlemen.
I am 38 years old, I am French. I played the bass of my 12 years when I was 28 years old and then I took a break of 10 years (job, work, child, ...) and I get back to it slowly .....
I'm a fan of English instruments: I play mainly on Status Energy, Shark, Groovebass and Trace Elliot amp.
I came to this site in search of a status S2 classic 4 string headless and I decided to stay because this site looks very nice.


I forgot: I'm not super strong in English .... but google helps me a lot so sorry in advance for spelling mistakes or phrases with words upside down.
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Welcome aboard. 

Your English is better than my French,  and my bass playing for that matter...

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Bonjour, Welcome..... as a fellow Status lover!   you’ll find lots of great pics and and advice here about everything bass and some not bass! 😃

Here’s a post you might like :



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Thank you for the link bassfan !!!
I have seen a lot of beautiful instruments and there are some very interesting discussions .... I will be happy to read all this in detail.
On occasion I will put pictures of my precious status
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    • By big rob
      Claas Leviathan Custom 4. Handmade in Germany Info: https://claasguitars.com
      Neck and Fretboard: Flammed Maple.
      SeymoreDuncan Musicman and Jazz Pickup.
      Richter 3-Band EQ.
      The bass is in good condition and the frets are like new.
      The jazz pickup and preamp are modifications from the original bass.
      She may look from the future and has all the modern tones but can also do old school really well.
      Looking for £1600 £1250 , down from £1850 might consider other trades or partial trades (cash my way).

    • By big rob
      This is one awesome bass.
      So the story on this one, the previous owner found and purchased an unfinished nightingale with one pickup.
      He went to Bernier Goodfellow at GB basses and had the bass finished and a new old stock nightingale pickup fitted and an agular opb3 preamp fitted.
      This made sense as Bernie was a partner in the nightingale basses enterprise making these basses by hand.
      Then onto the paint shop for one of the best paint finishes i have ever seen, totally flawless.
      She is light with a fantastic sound and a really lovely snake wood fret board.
      To look at you would think she was made yesterday.
      This is one great bass but i always go back to my status series 3 as i am a creature of habit.
      Would consider trades or partial trades with cash my way, however cash is king.

    • By Gary Williams
      ** NOW REDUCED TO £1,450.00 **
      This is going to break my heart but something I want just a little more has come up.
      This is my beautiful Status Empathy 5 String, made in 1999.
      In superb condition except a small line in the lacquer from the neck pickup screw upwards as seen in the pics. It's not a deep crack and I have polished most of it out.
      Wafer thin action after a recent set up with Rob @ Status and sounds utterly incredible. 2 new battery boxes fitted.
      **** EDIT: Apologies people, spacing at bridge is dead on 15mm between strings ****
      Ideally pickup in Sussex.
      I'll let the pictures do the talking.
      NO TRADES please

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