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Hello ladies and gentlemen.
I am 38 years old, I am French. I played the bass of my 12 years when I was 28 years old and then I took a break of 10 years (job, work, child, ...) and I get back to it slowly .....
I'm a fan of English instruments: I play mainly on Status Energy, Shark, Groovebass and Trace Elliot amp.
I came to this site in search of a status S2 classic 4 string headless and I decided to stay because this site looks very nice.


I forgot: I'm not super strong in English .... but google helps me a lot so sorry in advance for spelling mistakes or phrases with words upside down.
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Bonjour, Welcome..... as a fellow Status lover!   you’ll find lots of great pics and and advice here about everything bass and some not bass! 😃

Here’s a post you might like :



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Thank you for the link bassfan !!!
I have seen a lot of beautiful instruments and there are some very interesting discussions .... I will be happy to read all this in detail.
On occasion I will put pictures of my precious status
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    • By bassmitlinks
      Hi folks,
      i want to sell my Status S2 classic headless bass. It is a real player with an awsome tone. This nice instrument was built in 2002. Of course ist is used and got a few dings and dongs over the years, but nothing serious. There is a chip on the neck which can bother a bit.
      Following the specs:
      Headless 4-string, woven graphite through-neck.
      Fretted 34" scale. 19mm string spacing.
      3-piece body with figured Cocobolo facing,
      walnut tone-block and mahogany wings.
      Natural gloss lacquer.
      Status soap-bar pickups.
      3-band EQ with variable frequency midrange.
      Master volume, pickup blend control.
      Mono-rail bridge units.
      Gold hardware.
      I wish you all the best and take care.

    • By stewblack
      PRICE DROP TO £230 that's over two Trace Elliot watts to the pound.
      Ever decide to sell something only to get a sick feeling inside when you get to it? 
      Never understand why folk don't just keep the darn thing. Well in my case it's because I spent the money already. 
      So here goes. 
      Trace Elliot AH500X in used, gigged and worn cosmetic condition. But still able to do the job it was made for. Loud fan which has a quiet setting for those worried about such things. White caps missing from Graphic on/off and Mid cut controls, both work fine (see video)
      Heavy. I will post it but it won't be cheap. Socially distant pick up is available. 
      So what's under the bonnet? Two Trace Elliot 250 watt amps. Doesn't sound much does it? Ever heard a single 250 watt Trace kicking it out? Trust me you won't forget hearing two. 
      You can use both inputs and run them into their own speaker systems. You can use both amps with an internal crossover and send the upper frequency to a small cab and the lower to a big un. This how I use it. Each output is individually adjustable and it is a thing of wonder.
      Alternatively select mono bridged and put that GP 11 MK5 preamp through them together. 

      Video - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p-YjDfQDy6WUIWU7KsTf0k3pHwhWnDlN/view?usp=sharing
      Headphones advised! Bass content
    • By Rubbersoul
      This is the first tune off our forthcoming debut ep. Hope you like it! Would love some feedback if you can spare the time  
    • By Ted Theodore Logan, III
      Howdy, y'all eclectic bunch o' “BC'ers"!!
      Trace Elliot AH300-7 Amp
      Trace Elliot 4x10 Cab 400W 8Ω
      Both the Amp and Cab have been re-tolexed and the closest way to describe the finish would be to say that it looks as though a large blue snake swallowed a Trace Eliot rig. Needless to say, it looks awesome!!... Providing you like to ROCK!!!

      The AH300-7 is a top quality, English made amp with some very nice features such as; 
      · 7 band graphic eq preamp
      · Built in adjustable Compressor
      · Pre-shape switch
      · Passive/Active inputs
      · Effects send/return
      · Balanced D.I.

      Another cool little feature is the gain led meter that lights up to show when you are running the gain too high, too low or just right... I thought that was pretty nifty... All Goldilocks and what-not!!
      The graphic eq can dial in some amazing tone and can also be bypassed should you choose to keep it simple and not take advantage of all that lovely Trace Eliot rich eq mastering...
      On the back it's pretty straightforward, you got the mains input, the on/off switch and two speaker outputs that operate with standard ¼ inch “jack" instrument cable. 
      Minimum load is 4ohms.

      The Cab is a 4x10 400W @ 8Ω Trace Elliot behemoth that weighs in at roughly the same weight as a classic 1960's mini cooper. If you are blessed with the strength of ten men (as I am) this is a one-man lift however, if you are an average puny mortal, this cab is certainly not something I can recommend hauling around on a regular basis... unless, of course, you have a very attractive chiropractor whom you would like to visit more often...b
      Cab has recessed handles on‘t' side and rubber feet on‘t' base. Dimensions of cab (including feet) are;
      Height = 71 cm
      Width = 62 cm
      Depth = 43 cm

      Everything is working as it should and all sounds fantastic!! The stack had been sat around a while and there were some initial crackles when I first plugged it  & played through.  I have since; opened the  head unit (very carefully) cleaned the connections and cleared fine dust with light air CPU airspray. Also opened rear connection input panel at rear of cabinet, cleared dust and cleaned contacts. Another play through, and now the Blue Snakeskin Bass Rig Behemoth Battle Stack is now primed and ready to Attack, noise free...  👍  .... until you start playing through it...  
      There's a small piece of missing plastic from one of the port covers at the front of the cab (pictured) Also, a covering cap is missing from the gain switch on the amp (pictured)
      The front panel of the amp lights up, which is pretty “rock ‘n' roll" and also features a carry handle so looks like a fancy blue reptile skin briefcase when being held... amp weighs in at 12.4kg. So most puny humans should be able to lift the amp at least...
      Dimensions of Amp (with feet) are:
      Height = 15 cm
      Width= 50 cm
      Depth = 43 cm

      I imagine if you want this rig couriered you'd be looking at roughly £2000 so it's collection only or part meet unless you got a spare £2k you wanna throw at it...
      Any questions, please feel free to ask.
      Send me a message if you want me to drive the rig your way (for fuel cost)   Or come visit me, you can have a trial and play 👍 I am more than happy to let you loose on a few different bass guitars so that you can get a real feel for what the trace stack is capable of... 

      All the best 

      Yum, yum, yum... 
    • By hiram.k.hackenbacker
      I've been very lucky in being able to own many incredible basses in my life, but there are still a few that have eluded me for various reasons.
      Partly inspired by @AndyTravis's thread regarding his dream bass, I've decided that life is indeed too short and I'm going after the some of the few that I really want before I croak it.
      For sale, a mint condition Status Series 3. No trades as that would defeat the object of selling it in the first place.
      The spec on this is as follows:
      Through neck Headed 4 String Completed December 2016 Fretted Woven carbon graphite neck Black phenolic fingerboard 34" scale Standard string spacing (which equates to 19mm) Kevasingo Pomelle top wood Utile back wood Maple Faux binding High gloss polyester finish 2 x soap-bar pick-ups Status 303 circuit board Gold hardware Gold straplocks Single ball end Status Graphite Hex Core 'Hotwire' strings (40-60-80-100) Comes with Status moulded hard case and papers shown The weight of this bass is 9.48lbs This is a cracking bass that has hardly been touched, let alone rehearsed with and certainly not gigged.
      The pictures taken from the side show that there are no scratches south of the G string which is common for high gloss finish basses. It really is a peach.
      If you wanted Rob to build you one now it would be just north of £2,900, plus a fairly long wait.
      Shipping: I'm happy to ship this bass to any UK address for cost via Basschat's affiliate EUROSENDER. 

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