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Walnut, semi-hollow, Les Paul type thingy

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Rethink time. I just can't get the ebano binding bent round the lower horn, even with heat and water and thicknessed down to 1.5mm. I'm a bit surprised but there you go. So, I've redesigned the lower horn so it's sharp, a bit like the Gibson ES-295, if a bit less ugly (I hope anyway).  I've ended up rather liking it.  The advantage is that the binding can be cut and mitred, rather than bent.  Not that I've ever done a mitre joint in binding (or indeed anywhere else) before, but I;m sure it's time I did....

So the template is finished: 


Let me know what you think😁

Oh, and I'm not using a mortise/tenon joint which would be normal for a Gibson LP.   Instead I'm going to leave the neck at full width like an SG.  Looking at neck joints purely from an engineering point of view, I'm not the Gibson mortise/tenon brings much to the party, other than tradition and a requirement for precision chiseling.  With the full width neck joint (in effect I guess the whole neck is the tenon) I can use my standard neck pocket method, and should be plenty strong enough.  I hope🙄




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I like the extra security you get from a tenon type joint, the shoulders add just a bit extra mechanical strength... BUT... unless you intend swinging it around by the neck...  Watch out for excess glue squeezing out, mask the body top and the fret board before final assembly.

The binding mitre is easy, calculate the angle at the tip of the join where the two tangents meet, then make an angled block enough to support a chisel or a sanding block to trim the end. Do the main body side first then the cut out bit you can fiddle with in the same way until the join is perfect. The mitre is the most difficult part so start the glueing there and work away

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