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2 sets of 6 string Inno Honey strings.

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1new set. I cannot even find a seperate B and C online. £120

One set strung on the bass but not seen a lot of action. £90

A Fishman Platinum Pro preamp £80 - Sold



The woodwork is now spoken for but the strings and preamp are still available.  


I bought a 6 string EUB sight unseen. I am old enough to know better, but SO wanted it to be what was in my head. It is not. The neck has a nice neck in there but it has not been carved out yet. The body is solid. Like REALLY solid. The scroll is a bold statement. If any budding luthier wants it as a DIY project then take it all. But otherwise I am going to asset strip this baby. The fingerboard and bridge are very nice. 

What it has as salvageable bits are the following

2 x DB machine heads £5 each

2 x sets of Innovation Honey 6 strings sets (B to C).1

A Fishman undersaddle piezo. Which model? I have no idea. There is an earth hum which might or might not be an easy fix £40 - sold

There a kind of body extension. Ummmmm...........

Fingerboard and bridge £80 sold











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That a serious looking bit of kit!

If I had the space I just might.  It's a good thing I haven't.  I hope it goes to a good home.

Maybe it's time for @Andyjr1515 to add this feather to his, ahem, bow.

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Don’t suppose there’s  any desire to sell the E-G strings (ie the regular 4 strings) of the used Honeys is there?

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