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Shug's Feedback Page

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Use this space to tell everybody what a fine, upstanding  fellow  I am.

The cheque's in the post...


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Bought a Roland Cube amp from Shug - easy to deal with, amp honestly described, great communications, just a good deal all round. 

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I sold a set of DR acoustic bass strings to Tony: super fast payment, and a very pleasant and easy transcation throughout. Thanks! Enjoy the strings! Deal with complete confidence everyone.

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    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So, does such a thing as a clone of the original old EHX Small Stone phaser with sweep/depth and feedback/resonance control and no volume drop when engaged exists?
      And in that case how would I be able to get hold of one?
      It needs to be the old original version of the small stone circuit, cause the new version, even if claiming to feature the same circuit, is not nearly as lush sounding, plus there's a hole in the sweep with the color switch set to high depth and feedback, like sweeping too deep, out of range, that the original doesn't have.
      For now I got the ultra cheap Behringer Vintage Phaser, which is a faithful clone of the original circuit, unfortunately including the volume drop, but I absolutely love how it sounds. 
      Directing me to someone who is willing to make custom effects or mod my Behringer would be fine by me too.
    • By khazol
      This is the feedback thread for khazol
    • By JazzLobster
      Oliver packed the pedal well and shipped it quickly. He communicated promptly and was very helpful. An easy and pleasant transaction. 
    • By Richard Jinman
      Just bought a gorgeous jazz from Lawrie and couldn’t be happier. Lovely guy who went out of his way to make it a pleasant sale. 
    • By silverfoxnik
      Hi Folks
      Having recently sold a Roscoe Beck 5 String bass to @ampegg, a.k.a. Paavo, in what was a very good transaction, I'm pleased to be able to start this feedback thread for him.
      Simply put, Paavo is a great person to deal with - excellent communications, very easy to negotiate with, and a prompt payer - all of which is great! But in addition to all of that, he's also a very patient person too.
      To explain briefly..
      Because the bass had to be shipped to Finland, I was very deliberate in sourcing suitably strongly packaging materials for the job - which took quite a while to be honest - about two weeks all in all.
      But throughout all of that,  Paavo was really calm and patient about it and just encouraged me to take my time and get it done right. 
      So, as well as being more than happy to recommend Paavo to one and all here on Basschat, I'd also like to thank him for being a great person to deal with and for his understanding and patience.. 
      Thanks very much Paavo; I hope the extra wait for the RBV was worth it and more than that, I really hope you enjoy the bass. 😊
      Until the next time.. 
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