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A Happy Tale of Strings & Things / Ernie Ball


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I just thought I’d share my recent experiences of what I found to be great customer service from Strings & Things / Ernie Ball.


A couple of months back I realised that the deep scratch on the neck plate of my Sterling 4HH was in fact a crack. After scanning these hallowed pages for advice, I found that others had experienced this issue and had successfully obtained replacement plates from Strings & Things.

I sent an email to S&T and promptly received a response explaining the process, the reasonable cost (£17 posted) and the fact that because I’d missed that month’s order it would probably take a month or two.  

Fast forward to this week, a shiny new plate arrived stamped with a new ‘F’ prefixed serial number. On receipt of my old cracked plate Ernie Ball will alter their records, listing the new serial number against my bass.


I recently purchased a rather lovely Stingray Special. In the case candy was a card inviting me to register my purchase, which I duly did.

Again, fast forward to this week and out of the blue I receive a letter thanking me for registering my new instrument accompanied by a 25ft Ernie Ball instrument cable!

Some might say that after spending a not insignificant amount of dosh on a bass, that was the least they could do. But the point is that it was completely unexpected and therefore over and above my expectations.

Top marks to them on both counts from me. I’m sure many of us experience shocking service everyday so it warms the cockles to see that good customer service is still alive and well.  Keep it up guys. 👍



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I’ve just received a 25ft Ernie Ball cable too following registration of my new Stingray Special.

Even though I don’t need another cable and the cost to Strings and Things is probably very little it’s a really nice touch and I really appreciate the gesture. 

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Strings & Things have been great with any dealings we have had. I bought two white pickup covers for a Stingray and they got held up with a load of basses due to CITES and they kept on top of keeping me informed and letting me know I hadn’t been forgotten. Great bunch over there.

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I've had nothing but great experiences with S&T. I won't have a word said against them!!

I contacted S&T when begging items for the Herts Bash raffle. The CEO, Andy...top fella...arranged for a brand new MM SUB Ray to be donated, TWO YEARS IN SUCCESSION!!

In return for their great service I've sent him a Ernie Ball Zippo lighter on two occasions when they became available...he doesn't even smoke but loves to gloat to his Warehouse Manager who does. He told me that the Execs from EB US were very impressed when they saw the one on his desk - apparently only 500 were made.

Good to hear that others value the service they provide...


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