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  1. Go on then, I'll play. The Funk Stax Lightning band of my avatar is no more (note to self - must change it) , but risen from the ashes (well me and the drummer) is Funk Shed. This is our version of Bill Withers' Use me
  2. Papa was a rolling stone only has four notes too I think - at least it does the way I play it!
  3. Thanks for all the assistance. I’ve taken the plunge on a reasonably priced Markbass one found on the ‘bay. Looking forward to its arrival and a weekend exploring.
  4. Thanks for this. My search for ‘compressor recommendations’ came up with nothing. Shame this isn’t a sticky here - unless I’ve missed that too
  5. Have been researching compressors and narrowed it down to the MXR and the markbass compressore. Interested in your opinions. Particularly if anyone has had experience of both. I’ve tried them but only in a limited ‘quiet’ environment. Thanks.
  6. These people made the case for my stingray back in the 80s. It and they are still going strong. And I’ve just been quoted £60 for a new bespoke foam insert https://5star-cases.com/pro-dj-music/
  7. John Alec Entwhistle. The Real Me. Full volume. Enough said.
  8. I bought an American pro jazz about 18 months ago and was disappointed with the sound. However at a jam night recently I lent it to a mate for a song or two and in a band setting it sounded awesome! Since I bought it a number of people have commented on the great sound it makes and I thought they were mad but I began to realise that maybe I was looking for that magic tone that doesn’t really exist. Sometimes what we hear close to the amp is different from the sound ‘out front’
  9. Transmission by joy division. Remember getting excited cos it sounded like the record and that was enough to fall in love with playing bass.
  10. I bought a cosmetically challenged Warwick $$ for peanuts to have a go at 5 stringing. It has a sound like nothing else. A real depth to it. Fast becoming my go to (over a ‘88 stingray and ‘16 jazz). You won’t regret it!
  11. Tc bg250 on a stand? The 115 or 210 depending on your preference. Very lightweight, built in tuner and fun but admittedly gimmicky tone print thingy.
  12. I enquired about replacement foam mutes for my 88 stingray. Arrived 2 days later no charge at all!
  13. Thanks Graham. Sounds like good advice. I've had more of a chance to play it and can see that it isn't as tricky as I thought. I'm now worried about going back to the 4 string for the next few gigs whilst playing the 5 exclusively chez moi. 1st world problems eh!
  14. Finally took the plunge and bought a five string. Always wanted to try a Warwick and really impressed with the quality (particularly at under half the price of a new one!). Beautiful coloured and oiled finish on nicely grained wood and very versatile electronics. I was worried about the neck profile - particularly on a 5 string but this is perfect -strangely almost flat at the back. Just need to get used to that pesky low B string now!
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