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Hello, I sell a Status Electro II Jonas Hellborg 6 strings personal model, only 2 know basses made...       

The specifications :

32 3/9 " scale (as wanted by Jonas HELLBORG). 

26 frets with zero fret.

1.5 mm action under the C string up to 2 mm under the B string

14 mm strings spacing at the Status Electro bridge (as wanted by Jonas HELLBORG himself).

8 mm at the graphite nut.

1 double action truss rod (beware as it's a typical English left screwing model).

3 bass Gotoh tuners on the bass side + 3 guitar Gotoh tuners on the treble side.

Woven graphite neck with Rosewood fretboard.

The semi-solid body with a single 'F' hole has a double size two-piece mahogany back with a red coloured veneer and book-matched Rosewood facing.

Acoustic chambers are machined into the mahogany before the top is glued on : this allows the body to resonate and create a warmer, more "open" response.

1 Status Hyperactive humbucker really close to the bridge (as wanted by Jonas HELLBORG himself) + 1 piezo pickup under the saddle in the bridge with balance, master volume (20 detent positions), treble cut/boost for magnetic and treble cut/boost for piezo (like on all Electro II series).

The Weight: 5.2 kilos .

Delivered in original Status gigbag.

Equipped with Thomastik JR round wound nickel strings (029 - 043 - 051 - 068 - 089 -118).

Satin finish for the body and thick glossy finish for the neck.

Delivered to Jonas HELLBORG in November 2001.

Set up by Christophe LEDUC (great french luthier).

It's the rarest Status bass ever, completely original and never modified.

Official price today will be more than £4500 GBP is you can get one made.

The bass is located in the north of France (collection is possible in Calais, Boulogne sur mer, Lille Arras...).

International shipping without problem.

Price: £2600 or 3000€.



Thanks to Tony (Hellzero)  :drinks:for the specs and the pics :friends:







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I have always had GAS for one or other of Status' Hellborg models

And the fact that this has at least one too many strings for me, would stop me from replacing my car when it finally dies, and wouldn't last more than 20 minutes with me before I had 'personalised' it with a dent or two isn't stopping me looking


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Thanks mate, the bass for sale here, even if it has the full graphite neck has exactly the same sound, and I know it because it was mine.

That said, I've seen this tour at the MAI in Nancy (France) with the late terrific Shawn Lane, and Jonas Hellborg was playing his modified Crafter. What good memories it has awaken. 😊

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oh yes. very good memories. I've seen jonas, shawn lane with jeff sipe or selvaganesh several times. I always liked the sound of his status basses (I'm still looking for a fretted electro 2 or a status hellborg sig, bass). I was so impressed from this music, that I decided to run a hellborg fansite. 😏

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I too have been impressed by Jonas Hellborg since I discovered him when the album Adfa was released in 1989. Then I've been listening to all records he's been playing on and I must admit I became a compulsive buyer and certainly owns almost every record he played on... He surely is my main influence musically speaking.

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