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  1. Damn I just put my order in for a new Status headless This might have scratched that itch for far less Especially with the piezo bridge (I wonder if her indoors would notice me having two headless basses?) GLWTS H
  2. Good I'm glad this is nearly sold It'll stop me drooling
  3. I've had my slightly older series 6, without the speaker out socket or the DI on the front since new. Still being used every week as part of the house back line in the small music venue we own. I agree, halfway is about all anyone ever uses; jazz upright bass to death metal. I think I replaced a fuse once, otherwise just plugged and played. I can still lift it on my own, but a friend is always appreciated. I really can't think what else you could get for £150 that would come close to being gig capable. GLWTS
  4. dr.harry


    Thanks Mark Sold me a lovely, old Gallien-Krueger combo Several age-related issues completely and clearly described, along with helpful hints on solving them. Good price, securely packaged and delivered as promised. Harry
  5. I have always had GAS for one or other of Status' Hellborg models And the fact that this has at least one too many strings for me, would stop me from replacing my car when it finally dies, and wouldn't last more than 20 minutes with me before I had 'personalised' it with a dent or two isn't stopping me looking GLWTS
  6. Still using mine which I bought from new Bombproof and loud GLWTS
  7. I still gig my narrower version regularly. Not quite sure why anyone would want anything more. GLWTS H
  8. That is something special It must sound fantastic But needs a far better player than me to use it to it's fullest GLWTS
  9. Have you tried the Status owners club? statii.com H
  10. Bloody hell £169 for a neck-through!! As you say, bargain GLWTS
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