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  1. And another quick bump as I don’t get on here very often....
  2. Haven’t pushed this lately but it’s still in my garage if anyone’s interested....
  3. With the active boosts backed off it sounds enough like a Jazz to me - have you seen the Andertons video on youtube? That’s a pretty good demo of the versatility and bang for buck that you get for just over £350 👍
  4. Yup - only gigged it once so far but mightily impressed - obviously a much more laid back, woody tone than my Status Empathy (which is, after all, why I bought it), but the humbuckers do growl too when the active boost is turned up - a great bass for the money..... Used with a TC RH750 and just a TC RS112 at the gig in question but sounded great with just an electo-acoustic guitar and vocals through a small PA and acoustic drums alongside....
  5. Done - thanks - never even occurred to me 🙄
  6. Started a separate thread then found this one so I’ll just leave this here too.... Brand new today!
  7. Received one of these a few hours ago - still in the wrapping but first impressions are stonking value for money.....
  8. Might be worth a watch for ideas/sounds at least?
  9. Don’t worry - I will if it doesn’t sell - ad paid for so I’ll leave it up, but I have no real need to sell this apart from the fact that it’s not getting the use it deserves.... I’d rather hang onto it than give it away... :-;
  10. 1/6/2018 - Price reduced - Now £350 (+ shipping if applicable)
  11. 1/6/2018 - Price reduced - Now £300 (+ shipping if applicable)
  12. Based on current eBay prices but open to sensible offers ;-)
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