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  1. Done - thanks - never even occurred to me 🙄
  2. JimH

    Matching headstock Basses NEEDED :)

    😀👍 Brand new today!
  3. JimH

    White Bass Porn Thread.

    Started a separate thread then found this one so I’ll just leave this here too.... Brand new today!
  4. Received one of these a few hours ago - still in the wrapping but first impressions are stonking value for money.....
  5. Cab now sold to @Murray_Redhead - thanks Murray!
  6. Might be worth a watch for ideas/sounds at least?
  7. Hi - yes - still available
  8. Don’t worry - I will if it doesn’t sell - ad paid for so I’ll leave it up, but I have no real need to sell this apart from the fact that it’s not getting the use it deserves.... I’d rather hang onto it than give it away... :-;
  9. 1/6/2018 - Price reduced - Now £350 (+ shipping if applicable)
  10. 1/6/2018 - Price reduced - Now £300 (+ shipping if applicable)
  11. Based on current eBay prices but open to sensible offers ;-)
  12. If only that was fretted...... Have a bump for a lovely bass!
  13. 1/6/2018 - Price reduced - Now £300 (+ shipping if applicable) 14/6/2018 - Final Reduction - Now £250 (+ shipping if applicable) When I bought this combo a few years ago, the black tolex covering had seen better days and the corner brightware was rusty. I therefore had it recovered with "new old stock" Trace Elliot green carpet and new chrome corners. This classic, mid-90's combo is now in very good cosmetic condition. All knobs, buttons and switches are present and correct with the exception of the 50Hz slider knob on the graphic - however this still functions and can be set with the end of a pen, etc. In my experience most players don't change the graphic much once set in any case. "The 715 combo is a 100 (extra loud Trace Elliot watts! This is a meaty combo and holds it's own well in small to medium-sized venues but can be turned right down and still sounds good as a home/practice/Studio unit too) watt unit using the classic GP7 pre-amp and AH100 power amp sections, delivering to an internal (original) 15" speaker, providing a well-balanced sound catering for all styles of playing." User manual link (for the Series 6 range) can be found underneath the photos at the end of this post. Cash on collection (western suburbs of Norwich) would be preferred for this item as it's quite weighty and would need packaging, but I could look at pricing for delivery separately if absolutely necessary. Please contact me by direct message on Basschat in the first instance. SERIES6.pdf
  14. 03/8/2018 - Sold at £350 (+ shipping if applicable) Now that I have a RS112 just purchased from Jumanji on here, my hardly used (probably gigged no more than 3 or 4 times) RS212 is for sale. Bought new from Bass Direct along with an RH750 and RS210, I have favoured the RS210 for smaller gigs, and the RS212 only came out 3 or 4 times. I'm downsizing again, so will be using combinations of the RS210 and/or the RS112 in future. I still have the original box and all packaging, and a TC padded cover to include with the RS212. This is an 8 Ohm cabinet, but up to three mix and match RS cabinets can be used with a TC head. It's the newer, improved finish with speakon connectors only. More information here :- https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Bass/Cabinets/RS212/p/P0CJH Cash on collection preferred (Western suburbs of Norwich) or I could courier this one as it's relatively light and I have all packaging - 48-hour insured courier would be in the region of £25 extra. The lowest in stock online price I can find for this new is £499 plus £49 for the cover so there's a saving of £148 [now £198 with price reduction] to be had here, for an as-new cab..... 😉 Please contact me by direct message on Basschat in the first instance.
  15. RS112 Sold subject to delivery and payment...