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Bassix folding double bass updated vid and pics """SOLD""""

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Bassix folding upright bass in good working order, has a few battle scars and a rattle which don't affect playability. Sturdy and sounds good through an amp with the included pickup. More images of marks to follow when I pull it from storage at a relatives house, it just isn't getting used at the moment.

41.25 inches scale length, ebony fingerboard, pickup is a a Hurley from http://www.hurleypickups.com/

UPDATE, Ok I've finally pulled it from storage at my grandparents house and quickly filmed a vid while I was there, It's still there as I don't have space at home for it but I can collect it no problem if anybody wants to try it. New vid and pics below

Accepting £550

Bass'd in Chorley Lancashire

video here


piccies ( more to follow soon)

bassix 1.jpg




Photo 27-07-2018, 15 39 54.jpg

Photo 27-07-2018, 15 39 57.jpg

Photo 27-07-2018, 15 40 03.jpg

Photo 27-07-2018, 15 40 07.jpg

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Surprised this hasn't sold.
Don't see too many about, and it looks a nice portable bass, which sounds more DB-like (to my ear) than many other portable DB options

I definitely don't need another bass, and have my own portable DB - but I just wish you were closer, so I could at least give it a whirl, as I've not tried one of these

Have a free bump anyway sumorabbit, and GLWTS :)

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Cheers dood. I won't be too upset if it doesn't sell tbh, it's just a space issue at the moment in my new house. I have 3 uprights and a small gaff hence it sitting in storage at the moment. I've not had a single enquiry amazingly! 

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Have you sold this?  I'm interested.  Have you got the travel box it would fit into once folded?  If not, can I buy one somewhere?  We are a touring band and need a bass we can check in.  Look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi all, I just thought i’d Chime in on this....Mr Sumorabbit has been kind enough to allow me to baby sit this lovely upright bass while he has been abroad. (What a bloody legend eh???)

i have always wanted to try double bass, and have tried them a couple of times in music shops and really struggle to mange them physically and been put off. 

This is, even for a complete beginner upright player like me, a complete doodle to handle and sounds great!! If you are in the market for a bass like this, go for it!!!

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    • By Rabbie
      This bass was made in England by Ken Miller in 2006 and I have owned it for 3 years, in which it has accompanied me on many gigs and recordings. At the end of last year I invested in a a new carved instrument, which means that I no longer need this one.
      still, this is a carved bass made in England, hence and investment that will go up in value, despite the chips and scars of a life on stage.
      woods: old spruce top, maple sides, I think poplar back.
      It is not pristine! There are countless chips and scratches that only add to the unbelievable mojo. There are a few luthier-repairs done professionally by the maker himself, before it came to me. In the 3 years I have had it, it has been superbly stable. 
      The playability of this bass is incredible: it is what you could describe as “plays itself”, thanks to the wonderful setup work of Jerome Davies. 
      it sounds phenomenal: powerful, dark and moody, yet articulated perfectly well and it’s easy to play.
      This bass was used for jazz and folk music, I have no comment to make on bowing as I don’t even have a bow!
      The look of the bass is a little unusual thanks to the slightly “flattened” F holes, typical of Ken Miller basses. I believe this was Ken’s own gigging bass, which would explain the extra signs of heavy gigging.
      price-wise, the initial listing of £3,300 is, I believe what the street price of a bass like this should be. It is probably worth a bit more and will gain in value. However, these are tough times and I am willing to negotiate: message me. Please don’t offer part exchanges as I’m not looking for anything. I assure you it’s a great sounding and Wonderfully well setup bass, and if you, like me, can see past the imperfections as mojo, you won’t find better! 
      I am in Perth, Scotland. It’s a wonderful summer drive, and now it’s ok to do it, and I’m all organised for a proper socially distant trying of the instrument.

      I am now in a bit of a need to sell, so it’s a good time to make me an offer. Any question, do please ask!

    • By basseng
      Hi, After learning to play electric upright for 6 months I would like to try a double bass. I have posted in the wanted section for a second hand instrument, but wondered if anybody had any experience or recommendations  of the lower priced double basses offered by Thomann or similar?  Many thanks,  Dave
    • By Andrew F
      Stentor Student II double bass for sale in Bristol. 3/4 size. Soft case and bow included (or not, as required). Great for beginners and improvers. I bought it new some 10 years ago, and it has served me very well. Now selling to make space. I've seen new ones of these selling online for £1,700, so I thought I'd list it at £800, but feel free to make an offer. Some scuffs, as per the pictures.

    • By d_g
      I'm selling my Poller 3/4 (standard) size double bass. Really great bass for students or jazz/rockabilly. I gigged it professionally for several years before upgrading.
      It's made in Romania in the early 90s. It has been my backup bass for the last few years but I can’t justify keeping two at the moment.
      Makes a great bass for a student or an electric bass player taking up upright - I’ve gigged it and and it is very light so great for carrying around to gigs etc. I’ll include a soft case and realist pickup, and I can probably find a spare double bass stand if you would like one too.
      Price drop to £895 and open to sensible offers and happy to reduce the price a bit if you don't want the pickup or other extras!
      I'm currently located in North London for now but moving shortly to Kingston area and also am in Bucks and Sussex a lot so delivery around the south east is possible. You are welcome to come for a socially distanced play in the garden but serious buyers only please. Any questions let me know!
      Many thanks

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