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SOLD Mike Lull

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Price dropped to £1700! Chance to grab yourself a mint bass!

Got this from a part exchange deal from Musashimonkey

Absolute immaculate condition. No marks that I can find anywhere.

Lightweight swamp ash body
Maple one piece neck
Graphite reinforced with birds eye maple fingerboard
Nordstrand pickups
35” scale, 19mm spacing
Black pickguard
21 frets
Contoured heel
Hipshot ultralight tuners and bridge
Bone nut
Black dot inlays
8lb 12oz / 3.9kgs

Comes with a Protec Contego gig bag branded Mike Lull (this shows some use but not abused!)

I'd rather you have to collect it so you can try before you commit to anything. But can post if needed (free of charge).

Payment via cash, bank transfer or Paypal just no fees.

Check my feedback thread for your peace of mind:




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I should not have sold my PJ5, one of the easiest playing best sounding basses ever. Whoever buys this will be very happy I am sure.

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Sound demo here. No amp, no eq, no post processing eq. Just bass straight to inferface to computer. Don't mind the sloppy playing. :crazy:


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    • By BassedinBucks
      Mike Lull PJ4 Precision Custom bass with flamed/roasted neck and gig bag  
      Mike Lull Custom bass, four string with Mike Lull gig bag. The bass is in very good condition but has some small chips to the paintwork on the rear of the body and a couple on the edge of the guitar body. These marks were on it when I bought it from its previous owner but they have never bothered me, they don't affect its sound or playability and you can't see them when you are playing it. From the front is looks great, most importantly it sounds superb. The high quality craftsmanship you would expect from Mike Lull. 
      This model is currently £3,000 new in the UK. 
      This bass is black with a 3-ply tortoiseshell scratch plate; it has a flamed/roasted maple neck and fretboard, the fretboard looks birds-eye as well. It is fitted with lightweight USA Hipshot tuners and also a drop-D tuner which stays in tune perfectly, also Schaller locking strap lock studs. 
      The pickups are Nordstrand with an NP4 (precision) at the neck and a Dual Coil p'up at the bridge. This is a passive bass. 
      The neck is slim and fast and is 43mm at the nut; the bass weights exactly 8lb on digital scales, so is nice and light. Currently fitted with new La Bella flat strings giving that great Precision sound. No fret wear.
      Comes with Mike Lull gig bag. I will post for £12 (UK) and it will be well protected in cardboard outer layer. If you would like to come and look or play let me know and we can arrange a Covid-safe visit (Bucks). Any questions, please ask. Also advertised on an auction site  

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So as the headline says, what relatively cheap but decent microphones will I need to mike up an acoustic drum set, when I only have 4 tracks at my disposal to record on, for a bass and drums duo where I play the bass?

      I am thinking a kick drum mic, a snare/hi-hat mic, a crash/tam mic and then an overhead/room mic, but other suggestion that will likely give better results are welcome, and I am completely at loss when it comes to choosing the actual microphones for it.

      I am planing to buy a Tascam DR-680 MkII for recording the drums and bass live, which can record on 8 tracks total, but only got 4 XLR inputs and 2 Jack inputs, intending to use the 4 XLR inputs for drum microphones, and then 1 of the Jack inputs for a DI recording of the bass and the other for miking up the bass cab, running it through a microphone preamp, and then transfer these 4 recorded drum tracks + 2 recorded bass tracks to my DAW later for mixing and adding vocals and eventual additional programmed and physical secondary instrumentation.

      I am open to the suggestion of using 5 tracks for the drums if it will give a considerably better result, and then just using a single DI'ed bass track though.

      The reason why I chose to use a small recorder is for ease of transportability to our rehearsal place, since I don't own a laptop or a car and I don't need the recordings to be super hi-fi.
    • By azumi
      Got this recently, but unfortunately I need to raise fund - so this awesome bass is now for sale.
      Like new Mike Lull non -reverse thunderbird NRT5 custom.  A piece of art, pure vintage sound.  Very lightweight under 4kg.  Custom 34" scale.  With original hard case. 
      In terms of ergonomics, the Thunderbird is similar to other Lull - it feels nicely balance and the design and workmanship are superb.
      In terms of tone, the pickups give you that awesome and iconic Thunderbird sound. In don't have my own soundclips but the reverse Thunderbird uses the same pickups as Lull's other Thunderbird basses:

      Of course the Mike Lull made the bass to sound as close to the original Gibson Thunderbird ...

      ...but without the neck dive which the original Thunderbirds are known to have. You can read more about the non-reversed Thunderbirds on the link below:

      I'm  based in London.

    • By seifregno
      Bass in excellent condition, completely original and fabulous sound. The pickups aren't produced by other brands, but built by Mike Lull himself. The new instrument cost around $ 5,000 Original case and documentation included. Price drop to 2000 GBP

    • By Deedee
      I bought this from @Happy Jack a few weeks back but it’s not really for me unfortunately. I received another bass in a rather unplanned trade around the same time and I seem to have fallen heavily for that one instead!
      YOM - 2012 Mahogany Body Graphite Reinforced Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard Contoured Neck Heel 34" Scale length 21 Frets 39.5/40mm Nut Width Bone Nut Chrome Hardware Hipshot Ultralite Tuners Passive Electronics – Vol/Vol/Tone Custom Mike Lull T-Bass Pickups Hipshot A Style Bridge Weight – approx. 8lbs 8oz This seems a pretty rare bird as I’ve not seen another for sale with the rear mounted electrics. When I was buying this I exchanged emails with Paul Schuster at Mike Lull Guitars who confirmed that it was made in 2012 (and therefore had been Plek’d for those who are interested). One key thing to note and one of the reasons why I’ve not bonded with it too well is this bass was obviously specified with a narrower than standard neck. The nut width is actually 39.5/40mm.
      It really is a beautifully constructed bass with a dark, tight grained rosewood board. It’s in superb condition with just a couple of the tiniest indentations in the finish that I can see. Freshly restrung with a set of Fender 7250 nickel round wounds (100/80/60/40). Comes complete with a rather fetching original G&G hard case which again is in great condition save for a couple of small nicks.
      I would much prefer this bass to be collected with the price reduced accordingly to £1470. However the listed price of £1500 is what I paid and includes standard shipping to mainland GB. If you require insured shipping it’ll be extra or you can choose to arrange your own courier.
      Link to the original ad:  https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/399209-sold-mike-lull-pt4-in-mahogany/
      Any questions please PM me.
      # Sale Only - No trades thanks #

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