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FS/FT: Unique mini 3w guitar valve amplifier head, hand-wired.

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Hi guys, 

Bit of an odd one this - I make valve amps from time to time. So here I have a new hand-wired valve guitar head. It has been for sale on eBay and other forums with a bit of interest but no solid offers. But now I find myself needing a portable bass guitar combo - a 1x10 would be perfect, Markbass, Promethean or Ashdown MiBass 2.0, that kind of thing. So basically I'm up for swapping this for one of those. I'd probably value this higher than what I want to swap it for, but I need a combo and don't really need this, so someone could get a bargain...

I also have a 1x12" cab with Celestion 30th Anniversary gold speaker for a higher value bass amp. 


Description and video below:

Introducing the Danplifier Matchbox.

Full TMB preamp into single ECC99 push-pull for 3 watts of fun.

Covered in striking red tolex with brushed silver control panels.

Clean to mean at the twist of a volume control, with a footswitchable boost that takes it into full on lead guitar saturation. Full  tonestack to shape the drive to your liking.

3 watt output stage is surprisingly loud, especially through a decent 1x12" cab, but a well implemented master volume means you can also tame it for playing at neighbour-friendly levels.

Lower output power also makes it a great recording amp.

As with other Danplifier amps, it features a ventilation grill above the front control panel which improves airflow and cooling, extending the life of your tubes. 

I've been building one-off valve amps to a high standard for a while now - see my work at facebook.com/danplifier also check out a video of this amp being put through its paces here:


s-l1600 (1).jpg

s-l1600 (2).jpg

s-l1600 (3).jpg


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Superb build and super clean wiring. You clearly know what you are doing.

It also looks amazing externally and sounds the bee's knees. GLWTS

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