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Bassix Folding Travel Bass - Now with sound Clip! Reduced to £750

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Posted (edited)

Reduced to £750! 

Selling my folding travel bass as its isn't getting much use after a project I was using it for has come to an end.

I've had several 'real' acoustic basses over the year and always struggled with getting a decent sound and volume on stage but this is by far the best and loudest solution I have come across.  I played this bass in a pretty loud band with a drummer and electric guitarist with plenty of volume and no feedback and it still sounds like a db.

The bass is made by bassix http://bassix.net/ who are a reputable maker. I'm not sure what model it is but it's no longer manufactured as far as I know. I'm pretty certain its made out of fibre glass. There are a few scratches on the body and a little chip on the neck (which isn't where the string makes contact and is very shallow having no effect on the playability- around about 7th fret area on the E string). The neck is on a hinge system and once the strings are removed can be folded into the underside of the body and then transported in a hard case perfect for transportation. To be honest I have never folded it once since I have owned it and just used the soft case (included) and popped it in the back of my car. At the back of the neck there is an adjuster so the neck relief and action can be adjusted ( way easier than a 'normal' db) Its strung with medium Prestos which I think suit the bass. It gives the bass quite an old school gut sound with low tension and easy playability.  I had a  long jazz gig last weekend after having played very little double bass recently and got to the end without my hands dying of being covered in blisters.... Definitely a bonus!  It's not a massive acoustic sound but I guess if you wanted that this isn't the bass for you... It's set up for being played loud onstage.

Also included

Krivo magnetic pickup which is attacked at the base of the neck. https://www.gollihurmusic.com/product_details.cfm?prodid=2435& The link takes you to a slighter newer model but looks pretty similiar to me.... .It's a magnetic pick up so feedback isn't a problem.

Here is a sound clip of the bass. It has been recorded acoustically, using a mike, direct into the computer.

Double Bass.wav

I think that's all. If you need a loud onstage double bass that looks like a db, doesn't feedback, sounds good and is robust then this it it!






IMG_0234 (1).JPG








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I love it! It would be a great instrument to have over here where the Canadian weather plays havoc with basses.

I guess shipping and duty would make it out of reach financially for me but I hope you manage to find a buyer.I will be in England in April but I'm sure you will have moved it on by then.

Just in case I get crazy...how much does the whole outfit weigh in the hard case and what are the dimensions of the case?

Good luck!


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On 15/02/2018 at 20:54, Muzomatt said:


i’m about 15 minutes from Bath, in Trowbridge Wilts.


Oh dear! I'm in Bath....

I've owned 2 of Alan's basses, only sold them due to financial pressures. Fab instruments, stable as a horses' house due to the construction material.

Someone buy this.....please. 😛

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On 15/02/2018 at 20:54, Muzomatt said:


i’m about 15 minutes from Bath, in Trowbridge Wilts.


I live in Macclesfield but all my family are in Bristol. If you've still got this by the next time I'm down Id really like to see it

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