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SOLD - Warwick Hellborg Bass Preamp and Poweramp £1400


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I am putting my awesome Hellborg Rig up
I might regret this.
Sounds amazing! Very phat, clean and versatile.

Warwick Hellborg Pre - £800
Warwick Hellborg 500 Power Amp - £700
Will sell together for £1400

Considering selling cabs too.

Lo Cab £350

Club cab £350

All been used, but in good working condition.







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Back up for sale
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2 hours ago, three said:

My favourite bass pre!  Well...this and the Millennia.  I had a problematic (for me) 500 power amp but the pre is just gorgeous - I'm sure the amp here is perfect!

I loved having this pre,I very almost bought a whole rig like this but regret I didn’t! The pre is very nerdy nice though. How does it sound when you all fit together with the amp and cabs? 

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The whole rig sounds gorgeous - clean with a lot of punch. I love the cabs, the club cab with a concentric driver is like A FRFR Cab.

I sometime put another preamp with cab IR like an Axe FX/Kemper or Darkglass AOU into the XLR input of Hellborg pre. The cab IR translates great with these cabs.

This is making me want to keep it! Lol

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