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Wilkins Jazz bass, as new


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This bass is new in every respect, down to the polythene on the scratchplate, and was hand built by Pat Wilkins in the States, using a neck and body made for him to the highest possible standards in Japan.

Pat is well known for his work in finishing custom basses and guitars for the top echelons of rock, and is also responsible for finishing Lakland USA basses, which are reknowned for their flawless paint jobs. He also builds a very small number of basses each year himself, and in this case, his goal was to make a Jazz bass to the highest standard possible, without the final cost entering the usual stratospheric level that his instruments attain.

To do this, he commissioned a Japanese luthier to build a neck and body out of the best materials (and the quality really has to be seen to be believed), ship it to him in the States, and there Pat himself installed the Demeter pre amp, Dimarzio pickups, straplocks, quality fittings, etc, and then finished it off with one of his legendary paint jobs.

What a finish! The colour is ever so slightly off white with a pearlescent glaze, the neck is like silk, the frets are wonderful,, there is even a bottle of Pats own concoction of guitar polish in the case. All topped off with a tortie pickguard.

This is a light guitar, easy to play, and if it wasnt for the fact that I have too many basses, and a new ACG on the way, no way would I sell her. Fact is, the music I play doesnt need a top quality jazz bass, so it has sat on my rack for a year now since I bought it. Everyone who has played her has remarked on what an unbelievable instrument she is, one local musician even going so far as to say better than any Fender Jazz he had ever played, irrespective of price or vintage.I would guess that to ask Pat to build another one now would cost you well over £2,000.

I am looking for £950 please, and she really is worth every penny of that.


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Hello Bob! I thought you must be on here somewhere. I only just joined in, and can NOW see how your GAS could have come about!
So, what are you current workhorse basses? This isn't for me, but I'm still thinking about that Masters Tele most weeks.
All the best.
Jules (the U.S. masters basses)


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