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    I bought a comfort strapp off Luke and there were no problems. Good comms and recorded delivery were order of the day. A smooth transaction! H&R
  2. "A difficult one to answer H&R, has it always been like this? did you buy it new?" I got it 2nd hand off this very forum, and it didn't used to be like this. "I'm not familiar with the bass, has it got a passive / active switch? If so is there any difference in level?" It's active all the time. The pots are: Vol/Pan/Bass/Treble/Concentric mid stack. None are push/pull. Nice one gents. I'll have a forage tonight, and maybe let my electronics-savvy guitarist have a fettle with it. The sound seems quite compressed as well, although I don't know if this is just a coincidence? Cheers, H&R
  3. I've got an Ibanez BTB405, and the preamp seems a bit on the quiet side. It's an 18v system, but when I plug it into my amp I have to turn the input gain 'way up high' to get any discernable noise out of the amp. I'd normally have the input gain set to about 9 o'clock with just about any other bass, but it's on more like 3 o'clock (gasp) when I plug in the btb. I've put 2 new batteries in (duracell procell) and the output was a bit higher, but nowhere near what I would have expected. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I lay out for some duracell ultras? Thanks in advance, H&R
  4. What price would you be looking at if you were going to sell it?
  5. One of my basses fell off its stand on a poorly lit & pokey stage last night. I noticed it had gone out of tune but didn't think much else of it. When I started playing the bass something felt wrong and I noticed the fall must've taken a chunk out of the fretboard, on the E string edge. It doesn't really affect the playability much, but aesthetically I wouldn't mind sorting it out. Does anyone have any experience of how much it would cost to sort something like this out, or would it be prohibitively expensive? As always, I welcome any incoming wisdom.
  6. [quote name='jonannlou' post='1102997' date='Jan 25 2011, 11:44 PM']by the way the g is on the wrong way![/quote] I think bass collection stuff often had a L & R tuning peg on each side of the headstock as it allowed for a straight pull over the nut. I may be corrected though.
  7. I use picks and have done for some years. Whilst always being a predominantly fingerstyle player I think some songs just benefit from the pick and its inherent sonic qualities. I think it's horses for courses regarding pick guage and material. In my experience: 1) a pick with some 'flex' is probably best for root note quaver-type work (KOL, stereophonics covers etc.. We've all got to play them!) This helps to give a nice even sound to the notes. 2) a stiffer/sturdier pick will give better note articulation & definition, in fact you can control a lot of your sound from the pick; but quavers/8th notes will take more effort with this type of pick as you really have to work to get an even sound. If you can find a pick that gives you the best of both worlds then you're laughing. My tip is to rob as many picks as you can from guitarists in other bands (or maybe your own band) and see which ones feel most natural and give you a sound that works. If you can't rob any, you can buy them for pretty cheap anyway. Quite a few bass players have an 'anti-pick' stance, which I've never understood. After a few minutes of practicing you've got a new style, maybe even mindset, under your belt. Good luck to the pick warriors, H&R
  8. Sweet, and that was very quick. Much obliged Out7shined.
  9. Okay guys, is it possible to have a push/pull pickup blend pot where the p/p switches the pickup from series to parallel? Is it a piece of cake, or am I insane for even suggesting such profligacy? Thanks, H&R
  10. Is this collection only or will you post it out? Cheers
  11. Looks like that dude may have upgraded the pickup & preamp to EMG.
  12. I bought an Ibanez BTB from Thom and there were no problems. Good guy to deal with.
  13. I tried some rotosound pressurewound strings, and they were very roundwound-like tonally, though they did mellow out a bit. They're now on a fretless.
  14. I bought a gotoh bridge from basskay1 and it arrived sharpish, recorded delivery. Good communication as well. Nice one.
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