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Ancient Mariner

Good value reverb pedal, preferably small.

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I'd like a decent reverb pedal, preferably in a small format and good value (I suspect I can choose any 2 out of 3, but anyway) having not found anything affordable that works well in the last few years. I briefly had a Mooer shimverb, and I've also got a Biyang triverb and Donner Surge Rotator. All of them tend toward high frequency artefacts and fail to cover the echo-aspects of reverb well (reverb needs to be more than just a sonic halo).

A Strymon Bigsky would be lovely, but it's way too spendy and too big.

So, any suggestions?

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TC Electronic Hall of Fame mini about £60 https://youtu.be/mdpfjEG4LmQ

It's slightly bigger brother the Hall of Fame has much much more hands on capability about £105

Both are Tone Print enabled, the editor is a free download, and pretty much essential with the mini, however, once you've settled on a download, or created your own favourite Tone Print you may find you are happy to leave it as is.

Maybe :)

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Theese are small and sounds great
This one is bigger, but it's amazing

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