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  1. Jack Bruce (ish) EB3 / SG Bass

    Awesome Andy!
  2. Jack Bruce (ish) EB3 / SG Bass

    Here you are... [URL=http://s260.photobucket.com/user/paulnb57/media/image_zpswnpevvoi.jpeg.html][IMG]http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii21/paulnb57/image_zpswnpevvoi.jpeg[/IMG][/URL]
  3. Jack Bruce (ish) EB3 / SG Bass

    Based on Andy's use of ink, I have used Waterproof green Quink ink with good results on a quilted maple Strat, 3 years on its still the same colour and has never seen a case....
  4. Jack Bruce (ish) EB3 / SG Bass

    Great stuff Andy! Another awesome build!
  5. Custom Semi Acoustic Modifications

    Awesome skillage Andy……..
  6. 25.5'' scale 4 string bass

    Thats not a guitar, that a sculpture! Very nice work, skill envy here...
  7. Short scale basses

    On my Squier Bronco shorty I set it up with neck relief at about 15 thou, nut action same as anything else (I fret at the 3rd andfile until there is about 10thou between the the bottom of each string and the first fret), then adjust action to your preference, dressed / polished the frets first......
  8. Buying a neck-through for a project

  9. 25.5'' scale 4 string bass

    This is looking very special indeed!
  10. These are IMHO very under rated guitars, my EB-0 is a cracker, really nice build quality for the money, the case alone would cost £70+...good luck with the sale....
  11. Old Front Door and a Shelf....

    Quality work!
  12. Inspired by Dusty build…...

    Pickup arrived from Spain, at last, I've had stuff from the States quicker! Anyroadup, anyone who gives a rats will notice I sprayed the head satin black as it seems to suit the vibe………not everyones cup-o-tea, but I achieved the look I wanted….. All done sounds and plays great!………
  13. 1963 Fender Precision (slab body)

    Difficult to tell if theres a forearm chamfer, its a grainy photo and the body looks quite dirty, wasn't the Slab phased out by 53?
  14. Single Cut Camphor and Alder PJ

  15. Any chance of a link to where you got the body and neck from please? Paul