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I picked this bass up from the perfect gent that is Ville a short while ago. It is without a doubt the most comfortable neck I've ever played and, in my opinion, a fabulous looking bass.

The playability is excellent, outstanding in fact. I do not think I've owned a better bass in this respect.

Unfortunately despite desparately wanting to love this bass, I can't get on with the tone. There is no problem as such, it's just not for me and I have been forced to conclude, very reluctantly that this is not a problem I can fix. I can't stress how disappointed I am about this - everything about the bass aside from this one critical issue is perfect......

insane BEM
back up

I've also added a link here to Ville's original thread. This contains details of the bass plus a video clip.


My preference is for a sale here as I have half an eye on a replacement, the price is [s]GBP 1,500[/s] NOW GPB 1,300 plus shipping. I traded for the bass at slightly ahead of this figure but I think this is a reasonable and appropriate price.

I am open to trades but it's very tricky to give a steer on what. Single cuts are preferred, 34 scale, depth and mass in the sound, fingerstyle and chording friendly.... Sorry I can't be more specific. A cash adjustment would be ok either way but I am looking for something in this ball park so a squire precision plus loads of cash wouldn't really hit the spot.

The bass comes with a gig bag and is in Norwich for those who might like to try it out.

This is a fab bass, I'm really hoping that I can find a decent home for it (as well as sort myself out of course!).


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I should probably mention that I had no trouble with the bass in a mix. (Edit: Bolt-on! =) This bass passes the Rosanna test admirably)

I was selling stuff to buy a Fodera singlecut, then I got my 635-21 in trade and I'm done with buying, except for perhaps a few MTDs more... ;)

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I have something lined up to replace this and the seller is very generously prepared to take a hit on that. So, in order to move this on I've dropped the price to GBP 1,000 which is passing on my seller's cut and taking a hit of my own. This is now a ridiculous deal for this bass, in fact I think I can hear nursey coming up the stairs with my medicine. Come on folks, get this bought!!!

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