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  1. He told me that Thomas Dolby wrote all the basslines, but he played them with great technique and style. A good person
  2. I bought one a few weeks ago. After lots of research it appears the floppy E is a common problem with the Fender strings and people go for a heavier gauge set, 95 or heavier. As previously mentioned LaBella do a flatwound set. The other standard upgrade is a Staytrem bridge if you have intonation problems. It’s an amazing instrument, unlike anything else I’ve ever played.
  3. Man o Man.......what a band. And as for JD....wow
  4. Inside after 20 min queue. This is going to be special
  5. Same here. Got to love a band who do their thing aren’t afraid of showing their musical prowess. I haven’t been this excited about seeing a band for a long time.
  6. Anyone going to worship at the alter of Joe Dart in Brixton this week? I’m expecting there’ll be a fair few fellow BC’ers there. I’ve had to swap from Friday to Thursday so my Friday eticket is going cheap in the related items section if you’re interested. Can’t wait!
  7. I’ve had to change the day I’m going to see Vulfpeck this week from Friday to Thursday so my Friday eticket is going spare. Face value + booking fee is £43, yours for £20. All legit, I’m not in the habit of ripping people off and I’d rather a fellow BC member got to see Joe Dart play. I’m obviously advertising it elsewhere too due to the short time til the gig.
  8. I bought both an ACG and Everson used on BC and they’re both fine basses which I won’t part with. However it was Paul Everson I went to when I wanted my own build. To me his basses are unlike anything else I’ve ever played and just suit me to perfection. The best advice I can give is make sure you play examples of your shortlisted luthier’s basses before you decide.
  9. The NY804’s are each rated as 600W into 8ohms. I run a Markbass F1 through them. It’s a flexible rig as you’d sometimes find one cab is enough.
  10. I’m about to list two Markbass 4x8” NY804 cabs. Smaller and easier to manage and with an 8x8” you’d have more cone area than your 6x10”. Their quoted frequency range matches your SWR and I’ve found them plenty deep enough.
  11. It's all your fault, Joe! If you hadn't sold me that Everson fretless.......
  12. Both the Roadworn Jazz and the ACG I bought here are very, very good and are going nowhere but Paul's basses are in a different league in my opinion. It's not just an improvement, it's different. It took a lot for me to take the leap of faith to order a custom bass as I knew I'd lose a lot of money selling on if it wasn't right but it's proven well worth it.
  13. I bought a fretless made by Paul Everson on the FS board a couple of years ago and it was simply the best bass I'd ever picked up. So I finally bit the bullet and ordered a custom build from Paul. Here it is. The body is walnut and the EMG pickups are humbuckers with coil tap switches, there's also a 3 band EMG preamp with a parametric mid. The tonal possibilities seem endless and it sounds very good with my Markbass F1 and two 4x8" cabs. I'm pleased to say it's everything I'd hoped it would be with a fast and slim, but not too slim, neck and the most comfortable action I could imagine. It also weighs nothing due to Paul's use of slim bodies and deep set necks. They're as rare as hen's teeth on here but well worth a look If one does come up. The guy's a magician.
  14. I saw a 5 string bass today with CCG Guitars on the headstock and California Custom Guitars on the reverse. It had a couple of Basslines pickups. A brief google doesn't turn up anything. Does anyone know anything about them?
  15. Bought one of these last year and it felt like an old friend from the first minute. Fabulous basses. Can't see me ever selling mine.
  16. Why do people who live on a coast, or in a remote region, consistently put up their items for sale and refuse point blank to post them? Top tip....a lot of your potential buyers live too far away to get to you without difficulty and fish don't play bass. Sorry for pointing this out but it may help you when you're wondering why your stuff doesn't sell.
  17. If you search under my name you'll find my listing for a Yamaha RBX300. It never did make it to eBay. You won't find better to get started on. Did me fine.
  18. I knew nothing about independent luthiers until I joined Basschat, it has a lot to answer for. I decided I could never order a bass having never tried anything made by that luthier, too much of a leap of faith. So...I bought an Everson fretless on here at a great price which looked beautiful to me and only lived a few miles up the road so I could try it. In 30 seconds I knew I had to have it. Buoyed by this I then bought an ACG fretted, untried, based purely on the hype here. Again at a great price. The ACG is a fabulous bass but I've never played anything nearly as good as the Everson. So I finally ordered my fretted bass from Paul last month. I may keep the ACG, I will keep my Fender Jazz Roadworn as it plays like an old friend.
  19. How long is the waiting list to get into the Waiting Room now? I've just pulled the trigger with Paul Everson. No promises but I'm hoping for the best Christmas present ever.
  20. Final bump, open to offers. It will have to be eBay on Sunday if not.
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