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  1. Hi, thank you bigredx - and everyone else too! I shall pop into my local PMT tomorrow and get a set of 95 / 100 gauge bass strings & see if that helps.
  2. Dear Andy Thank you - I’ve got it tuned E - e that is; one octave lower than a regular guitar. I read that this is what makes this particular model a ‘bass’ rather than a baritone guitar (?) - I’ll try putting a heavier gauge string on and see how it goes! Thanks again, Ray
  3. Hi all, I’m new here and it’s my first time asking for help on a web forum! Anyway, my name is Ray & I’ve been playing the guitar for a while and recently I decided to buy a second hand squire bass VI. Although I love this rather odd guitar and haven’t stopped playing it since it arrived on Tuesday I seem to have a problem with the low E string; it’s terribly ‘floppy’ and there is an enormous amount of buzz...the other 5 strings play fine but the low E is causing me some problems. I’ve tried raising the bridge, the neck appears straight and I’ve even moved the saddle back, but none of these have helped. My question is this (apologies if this seems naive or silly) would changing the low E string to a heavier gauge help with the ‘floppiness’ - could I just buy a regular low E bass string (say a 95 or 100) and put this on or would that not work? Has anyone got a bass VI and had similar issues? Any advice would be much appreciated! Regards, Ray
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